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Kooshk Residency

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In this page talks about ( Kooshk Residency ) It was sent to us on 14/06/2021 and was presented on 14/06/2021 and the last update on this page on 14/06/2021

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Founded in 2014, Kooshk is a non-profit art and cultural space, providing artist-in-residence programs. It is located in downtown Tehran, Iran.


Kooshk frequently takes part in international exchange programs, composed of two parts. The first part is a month-long residency held in Iran and the second part is in the selected artist-in-residence's country (or vice versa) with a gap of 2–6 months in between. Artists for this program apply through an open call and get selected by the decision of both residencies. {{Cite weburl= Residency, Tehran 2017 AIR Antwerpenwebsite=www.airantwerpen.beaccess-date=2017-05-08{{Cite weburl= IMMA Exchangelast=www.damiencarbery.comfirst=Website Designed, Developed and Hosted by Damien Carbery -website=www.imma.ieaccess-date=2017-05-08
Kooshk residency has worked with many residencies such as Artistes en Residence (France), Organhaus Art Space (China), AIR Antwerpen (Belgium),{{Cite weburl= Residency, Tehran 2017 AIR Antwerpenwebsite=www.airantwerpen.beaccess-date=2017-05-20 Stiftelsen 3,14 (Norway), Irish Museum of Modern Art (Ireland), Bag Factory (South Africa), Pathshala (Bangladesh), Viafarini (Italy), Khoj (India), Chhaap Foundation (India), Y Residency (Greece), Arquetopia (Mexico) in exchange form.
Kooshk also works in partnership with local and international art Institutes and the cultural sections of foreign embassies in Tehran.
The other program is the Kooshk Artist Residency Award (KARA). An annual award granted to four artists from different countries which get selected by an international team of jury. All expenses including flight tickets, accommodation, living Expenses as well as a modest contribution for materials will be paid by the Kooshk Residency.
Open calls and news about Kooshk programs is published on Kooshk's website, Social networks, {{Cite weburl= Residency (@KooshkResidency) Twitterwebsite=twitter.comlanguage=enaccess-date=2017-05-08 and international residency networks.{{Cite weburl= ResArtiswebsite=www.resartis.orgaccess-date=2017-05-08 Kooshk has two shared Rooms and one single room to accommodate five people at the same time. It also has a separate studio with round the clock accessibility.
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