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Anubis en het Pad der 7 Zonden

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Anubis en het Pad der 7 Zonden (translation: Anubis and the Path of 7 Sins) is a Belgian and Dutch film version of the children's television show Het Huis Anubis. It is directed by Dennis Bots, with a screenplay by Alexandra Penrhyn and Anjali Taneja, and a music score by Olaf Janssens. Starring Achmed Akkabi, Vincent Banic, Loek Beernink and Filip Bolluyt, it was first released on 8 October 2008 in the Netherlands and was the most financially successful Dutch film of 2008. (Dutch) (Dutch)


A bus carrying the residents from the House of Anubis go to Croatia for a school trip. The group consists of Amber, Nienke, her boyfriend Fabian, prankster Appie, Patricia, her best friend Joyce and her boyfriend Mick, the adolescent Jeroen and his girlfriend Noa. The house's landlord Victor and teacher Van Swieten also come along. The bus driver sees a woman in the distance who disappears soon after the bus hits her. With flat tires, they are forced to camp into the woods. Nienke sees the woman too before a small key appears in Fabian's pocket. In an abandoned village, they see a statue of count Rohan De Beaufort holding a chest with his foot.
The following night, Jeroen becomes suspicious of Fabian studying the purpose of the mysterious key and he, Nienke and Fabian believe that it belongs to the keyhole sticking out of the chest from the statue. Nienke & Fabian both plan to stick the key in to the chest at midnight. Jeroen steals the key and he and Appie do it instead, resulting in them taking the real chest from the sculpture, causing the statue to collapse in the process. Nienke then arrives before the real count Rohan appears before he kidnaps her.
The next day, they all discover Nienke has disappeared and Amber finds one of her shoes. Later, they enter a dimension set in a medieval time zone and the woman informs the group that Rohan kidnapped her because he wants to petrify his own heart, and that he needs seven girls to finish the job, with Nienke being the last. They must follow the path of the seven deadly sins in order to get to the castle where she is, and if they don't make it before sunset, Nienke will be petrified. She also warns them that if they make a mistake, they will meet the same fate. They encounter a large group of spears (like a Mikado game) with a key in the center, whom Fabian successfully grabs.
At a lake, Rohan goes to a heartbroken Patricia thinking that Joyce cares more about Mick. Rohan cheers her up with a task to find the chest and give it to him. Later, they approach a garden of nymphs. Noa sees one of them seducing Jeroen and pushes them away and is slowly turned into a stone statue before the rest escape. Back at the castle, Nienke finds out that the woman, Charlotte, that she and Rohan were not allowed to marry, telling him she married a different person, betraying him, so he started his plan and creating the path to prevent their true love from reaching the victim.
The rest meet Patricia at a cave, and Fabian uses the key from the spears and opens the gate, where they see a giant wheel. They will see symbols made from magical stones and must spin it in order to let the same symbol face the exit. It must be done as fast as possible, or else the cave will collapse. When the door slowly opens, Patricia escapes with the chest with Amber & Appie in pursuit. Giant rocks begin to fall petrifying both Mick and Joyce as Patricia gives the chest to Rohan. Amber discovers that it was a trap seeing her skin freezing solid before she is petrified herself. She steals the chest and reunites with the rest before going to a swamp, much to her disgust. Appie hears a noise and sees a crocodile-like creature approaching them before she and Amber falls into the swamp, but both of them are rescued by Fabian & Jeroen.
They soon reach the castle but Rohan bursts in out of nowhere before chasing Jeroen and petrifying him. In the castle, they encounter beautiful clothes and food. Appie takes a jam cookie and Amber a necklace, but they both become statues like the rest. Fabian breaks down the door not long before Rohan enters and attacking Fabian again, who isn't allowed to fight back, or he will be instantly turned into stone with all hope being gone. The only thing Fabian has to do is to defend himself. Nienke grabs and opens the chest containing two hearts, the other belonging to Charlotte. Charlotte soon tells Rohan he was still her true love all along, and kiss while Fabian and Nienke embrace. Back in the village, Fabian, Nienke, and all of the remaining students wake up in front of the reconstructed statue. Victor and Van Swieten finds them and they all leave, while the camera zooms in on to the keyhole sealed shut while a heartbeat can be heard.


  • Loek Beernink as Nienke Martens
  • Iris Hesseling as Amber Rosenbergh
  • Lucien van Geffen as Fabian Ruitenburg
  • Vincent Banic as Mick Zeelenberg
  • Vreneli van Helbergen as Patricia Soeters
  • Marieke Westernenk as Joyce van Bodegraven
  • Achmed Akkabi as Appie Tahibi
  • Sven de Wijn as Jeroen Cornelissen
  • Gamze Tazim as Noa van Rijn
  • Walter Crommelin as Victor Emmanuel Rodenmaar
  • Ton Feil as Ari van Swieten
  • Egbert Jan Weeber as Rohan de Beaufort
  • Maryam Hassouni as Charlotte de Beaufort

Path of 7 Sins

The path consists of seven tasks: a sin per task. When you make a mistake, you will be petrified and turned to stone.


Task 1: Wrath

A construction of spears with a key in the center. When someone feels angry, a spear will move towards the person who tries to get the key. This key is needed for task 3

Task 2: Lust

A garden full of nymphs trying to seduce you. Noa petrifies here by touching the nymph seducing Jeroen.

Task 3: Sloth

A locked cave with magic stones. These stones take the shape of an object which can be found back on a wheel. The wheel must be turned to open the door. Mick petrifies thereby stopping a falling stone. Joyce also petrifies because she runs back and touches Mick's statue

Task 4: Pride

A swamp with a monster fish. The mud is very deep and the monster fish is dangerous.

Task 5: Gluttony

A table full of delicious food. Appie petrifies there by eating a jam cookie.

Task 6: Greed

A room full of dresses and nice clothes. Amber petrifies in the same room as the food table by taking something.

Final Task: Envy

A duel against Count Rohan. He starts striking. If you strike back, you will petrify.

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