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Pascal (surname)

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Pascal is a French and an Italian surname.

Origin of the surname

Pascal is a patronymic surname that derives from the personal given name Pascal, from Latin Paschalis. In France Pascal is especially found in the Southern-Eastern area, in Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur,L'encyclopédie des noms de familles while in Italy Pascal is found in Northern-Western area, in Piedmont, Aosta Valley Gens Labo Net, surnames in Italy Cognomix, surnames in Italy and the variant De Pascal in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Gens Labo Net, surnames in Italy Cognomix, surnames in Italy


  • Adam Pascal (born 1970), American actor and singer
  • Amy Pascal (born 1958), American film producer.
  • André Pascal (1932–2001), French songwriter and composer
  • Andrew Pascal (born 1965), American businessman in the gaming industry.
  • Blaise Pascal (1623–1662), French mathematician and philosopher
  • Christine Pascal (1953 – 1996), French actress, writer and director
  • Dave Pascal (1918 – 2003), American cartoonist
  • Ernest Pascal (1896 – 1966), English-American writer
  • Étienne Pascal (1588–1651), French judge and amateur scientist, father of Blaise
  • Fabian Pascal, Romanian-American computer scientist
  • Francine Pascal, American author
  • Francoise Pascal, Mauritian actress
  • Gabriel Pascal, Romanian film producer and director
  • Gisèle Pascal, French actress
  • Jacqueline Pascal (1625–1661), the sister of Blaise
  • Jean-Claude Pascal, French singer
  • Jean-Thenistor Pascal, Haitian-Canadian professional boxer
  • John Pascal, American playwright
  • Julia Pascal, British playwright
  • Maite Orsini Pascal, Chilean actress and model
  • Marie-Georges Pascal, French actress
  • Marta Pascal (born 1983), Spanish politician
  • Mary Ann Pascal, American actress
  • Nelon Pascal, West Indian cricketer
  • Olivia Pascal, German actress
  • Paul Pascal (1839 - 1905), French landscape painter
  • Pedro Pascal, Chilean-American actor
  • Robert A. Pascal, American politician
  • Zach Pascal (born 1994), American football player

Fictional characters

  • Ana Pascal, the love interest of the main character from the film Stranger than Fiction (2006)
  • Mattia Pascal, the main character in The Late Mattia Pascal, novel by Luigi Pirandello
  • Esmée Pascal, a police officer appearing in the second season of Dexter

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