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  Yoshio is both a masculine Japanese given name and a Japanese surname. Notable people with the name include:

First name

  • , Japanese zoologist
  • Yoshio Anabuki (1933–2018), Japanese former baseball player and former manager of the Nankai Hawks
  • Yoshio Fujiwara, former Japanese football player
  • Yoshio Fukuyama (1921–1995), theologian who holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Chicago
  • Yoshio Furukawa (born 1934), former Japanese football player
  • Yoshio Hachiro (born 1948), Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
  • Yoshio Harada (1940–2011), Japanese actor
  • , Japanese ice hockey player
  • , Japanese triple jumper
  • Yoshio Inaba (1920–1998), Japanese actor who played Gorobei in Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai
  • Yoshio Ishida (born 1948), professional Go player
  • Yoshio Kōsaku (1724–1800), Japanese scholar of "Dutch studies", and the chief Dutch translator in Nagasaki
  • Yoshio Kato (born 1957), former Japanese football player
  • Yoshio Kawai (born 1954), Japanese voice actor
  • Yoshio Kikugawa (born 1944), former Japanese football player
  • Yoshio Kimura (born 1948), Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party
  • Yoshio Kimura (shogi) (1905–1986), Japanese shogi player
  • Yoshio Kitagawa (born 1978), former Japanese football player
  • Yoshio Kitajima (born 1975), Japanese football player
  • Yoshio Kodaira (1905–1949), Japanese rapist and serial killer
  • Yoshio Kodama (1911–1984), prominent figure in the rise of organized crime in Japan
  • , Japanese footballer
  • Yoshio Kojima (born 1980), Japanese comedian famous for appearing in only a small bathing suit
  • Yoshio Kondo (1910–1990), biologist and malacologist
  • Yoshio Kushida (born 1957), Japanese astronomer
  • Yoshio Machida (born 1967), experimental musician, a steelpanist, composer, and visual artist
  • Yoshio Maki (born 1958), Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan
  • Yoshio Markino (1869–1956), Japanese artist and author who spent much of his life in London
  • Yoshio Masuda (died 2009), former Japanese naval commander, regarded as the father of modern wave energy technology
  • Yoshio Masui (born 1931), Japanese cell biologist
  • Yoshio Mikami (1875–1950), Japanese mathematician and wasan historian
  • Yoshio Miki (1905–?), Japanese hurdler
  • , Japanese rower
  • Yoshio Mochizuki (1947–2019), Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party
  • , Japanese racewalker
  • Yoshio Muto, Japanese diplomat who served as Imperial Japan's consul general in the United States in 1941
  • Yoshio Nakagawa (born 1938), Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party
  • , Japanese judoka
  • Yoshio Nakano, professional poker player and entrepreneur who resides in Long Beach, California
  • Yoshio Nishi (1934–2019), Japanese scholar of Tibeto-Burman linguistics
  • Yoshio Nishina (1890–1951), the founding father of modern physics research in Japan
  • , Japanese idol, musician and actor
  • Yoshio Oishi (1659–1703), the chamberlain of the Akō han in Harima Province, Japan (1679–1701)
  • Yoshio Okada (1926–2002), former Japanese football player
  • Yoshio Sakai (1910–?), Japanese field hockey player
  • Yoshio Sakamoto (born 1959), Japanese game designer working for Nintendo
  • Yoshio Sawai (born 1977), Japanese gag manga creator
  • Yoshio Shimamoto (born 1924 in Hawaii), Nuclear physicist and mathematician
  • , Japanese cyclist
  • Yoshio Shinozuka (1923–2014), former Imperial Army soldier who served with a top secret Japanese biological warfare group in World War II
  • Yoshio Shirai (1923–2003), professional boxer from Tokyo, Japan
  • , Japanese sociologist
  • Yoshio Tabata (1919–2013), Japanese ryÅ«kōka and enka singer, songwriter and electric guitarist
  • Yoshio Tachibana (1890–1946), lieutenant general of the Japanese Imperial Army
  • Yoshio Taniguchi (born 1937), Japanese architect who redesigned the Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • Yoshio Tarui (1902–1977), Japanese photographer
  • Yoshio Tsuchiya (1927–2017), Japanese actor who has appeared in several films
  • Yoshio Ueki (born 1969), professional Go player
  • Yoshio Urushibara (born 1944), Japanese politician of the New Komeito Party
  • Yoshio Utsumi (born 1942), the secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union 1998–2006
  • Yoshio Watanabe (1907–2000), renowned Japanese photographer
  • , Japanese linguist
  • Yoshio Yatsu (born 1934), Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party
  • Yoshio Yoda (born 1934), Japanese actor who played Fuji Kobiaji on the television series McHale's Navy
  • Yoshio Yoshida (吉田 義男, born 1933), Japanese baseball player and manager
  • Yoshio Yoshida (吉田 好雄, 1921 – before 2000), Japanese World War II flying ace

Last name

  • , Japanese sprint canoeist

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