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Pavlov (surname)

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Pavlov and its feminine form Pavlova are common Russian (Па́влов, Па́влова) and Bulgarian surnames. Their Ukrainian variant is Pavliv. All stem from Christian name Paul (Russian: Pavel; Ukrainian: Pavlo). These names may refer to many people:

In arts and entertainment

Film and television

  • Sergey A. Pavlov (born 1958), Russian actor, director
  • Viktor Pavlov (1940–2006), Soviet/Russian actor


  • Karolina Pavlova, Russian writer
  • Nikolai Pavlov, Russian writer
  • Oleg Pavlov (1970–2018), Russian writer
  • Vera Pavlova, Russian writer


  • Alla Pavlova (born 1952), Russian composer
  • Dmitri Pavlov (composer) (born 1959), Russian composer
  • Petya Pavlova, Bulgarian singer

Other arts

  • Anelia Pavlova (born 1956), Bulgarian-born Australian artist
  • Anna Pavlova (1881–1931), Russian ballet dancer
  • Anna Pavlova (gymnast) (born 1987), Russian artistic gymnast

Fictional characters

  • The Contesa Pavlova, fictional character in the film Buenos Aires me mata
  • In government and politics

    • Jo Pavlov, Green Party Candidate, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    • Valentin Pavlov, Prime Minister of the Soviet Union

    In military

    • Dmitry Pavlov (general) (1897–1941), Soviet general
    • Yakov Pavlov (1917–1981), Soviet platoon commander

    In science

    • Alexei Petrovich Pavlov (1854–1929), Russian geologist and paleontologist
    • Ivan Pavlov (1849–1936), Nobel Prize–winning Russian physiologist noted for his classical conditioning experiments with dogs
    • Maria Pavlova (1854–1938), Russian paleontologist
    • Mikhail Grigoryevich Pavlov (1793–1840), Russian philosopher and scientist
    • Nina Pavlova (1897–1973), Russian botanist

    In sport

    Football (soccer)

    • Alyaksandr Pawlaw (born 1984), Belarusian international footballer
    • Sergei Pavlov (born 1955), Russian football manager
    • Yevhen Pavlov (born 1991), Ukrainian footballer

    Track and field

    • Igor Pavlov (athlete) (b. 1979), Russian pole vaulter
    • Pavel Pavlov (athlete) (1952–2004), Bulgarian sprinter
    • Pepa Pavlova, Bulgarian sprinter

    Other sports

    • Aleksandr Pavlov (wrestler) (born 1973), Belarusian wrestler
    • Alexander Pavlov (figure skater), Australian figure skater
    • Anna Pavlova (gymnast) (born 1987), Russian artistic gymnast
    • Igor Pavlov (ice hockey player) (born 1965), Latvian ice hockey player, ice hockey coach in Germany
    • Ivan Pavlov (figure skater), Ukrainian figure skater
    • Mircea Pavlov (born 1937), Romanian chess master
    • Pavel Pavlov (wrestler) (b. 1953), Bulgarian wrestler
    • Serhii Pavlov (born 1997), Ukrainian basketball player
    • Yelena Pavlova, Kazakhstani volleyball player

    In other fields

    • Cyril Pavlov (born 1919), Russian Orthodox hieromonk and archimandrite, confessor of Russian patriarchs
    • Igor Pavlov (programmer), Russian freelance programmer, creator of 7-zip
    • Iliya Pavlov (1960–2003), Bulgarian businessman
    • Mikhail Pavlov (disambiguation)
    • Nikolay Pavlov (disambiguation)

    See also

    • Pavlov (disambiguation)
    • Muriel Pavlow, British actress

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