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De Bruyn

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  De Bruyn is a Dutch and Afrikaans surname. "Bruyn" or "bruijn" is an archaic spelling of "bruin", meaning "brown". People with the name include:
  • Aad de Bruyn (1910–1991), Dutch 35-fold national champion in discus, shot put and hammer throw
  • Abraham de Bruyn (c.1539–1587), Flemish engraver
  • Anna Maria de Bruyn (1708–1744), Dutch stage actress and ballet dancer
  • Brian de Bruyn (b. 1954), Canadian-born Dutch ice hockey player
  • Erik de Bruyn (b. 1962), Dutch film director and actor
  • Ettiene de Bruyn (b. 1977), South African cricketer
  • Frans De Bruyn (b. 1924), Flemish writer
  • Günter de Bruyn (1926–2020), German author
  • Joe de Bruyn (b. 1949), Australian trade union official
  • John de Bruyn (b. 1956), Dutch-Canadian ice hockey goaltender
  • (1838–1908), Belgian politician
  • Michelle De Bruyn (b. 1965), New Zealand professional football player
  • Nicolaes de Bruyn (1571–1656), Flemish engraver
  • Paul de Bruyn (1907–1997), German-American marathon runner
  • Pierre de Bruyn (b. 1977), South African cricketer
  • Piet De Bruyn (b. 1968), Belgian politician
  • Robert de Bruyn (b. 1991), South African rugby player
  • Sophia De Bruyn (b. 1938), South African anti-apartheid activist and provincial legislator
  • Theunis de Bruyn (b. 1992), South African cricketer
  • Tewis de Bruyn (b. 1982), South African rugby player
  • (1649–1719), Flemish architect
  • Zander de Bruyn (b. 1975), South African cricketer

Compound surnames

  • Cornelis Adriaan Lobry van Troostenburg de Bruyn (1857–1904), Dutch chemist
  • Gerrit Willem van Oosten de Bruyn (1727–1797), Dutch lawyer
  • Jacob Leonard de Bruyn Kops (1822–1887), Dutch economist and politician

See also

  • 273230 de Bruyn, an asteroid
  • De Bruijn
  • De Bruin
  • De Bruyne

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