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Obukhov (surname)

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Obukhov ( ; masculine) or Obukhova ( ; feminine) is a Russian surname.Ganzhina, p. 11 Variants of this surname include Abukhov/Abukhova ( / ), Abukhovich ( ), Obukh ( ), Obukhovich ( ), and Obukhovsky/Obukhovskaya ( / ).
They derive from the nickname " " (Obukh), or " " (Abukh) in dialects with akanye. While the primary meaning of the Russian word " " is the dull side of a sharp tool opposite of the cutting side, in some dialects it also has the figurative meaning of dumb, stupid, or stubborn person; one who disobeys.
The following people share this surname:
  • Alexander Obukhov (1918–1989), Russian physicist
  • Alexander Obukhov, Russian chess grandmaster
  • Alexey Obukhov (b. 1928), Russian diplomat
  • Boris Obukhov (1891–1937), Soviet naval officer, a victim of Stalin's purges
  • Boris Petrovich Obukhov, governor of Pskov Governorate, Russia in 1867–1868
  • Dmitri Obukhov, Russian ice hockey player
  • Dmitry Obukhov, third-place winner of the Third Open Mathematical Olympiad of the Belarusian-Russian University
  • Igor Obukhov (b. 1996), Russian association football player
  • Mikhail Obukhov, 1907 interpreter of Zephyr in the ballet The Seasons
  • Nadezhda Obukhova (1886–1961), Russian mezzo-soprano
  • Nikolai Obukhov (1892–1954), Russian composer
  • Oleksiy Obukhov, Ukrainian bronze medalist in 1997 World Weightlifting Championships – Men's 99 kg
  • Olga Obukhova (b. 1941), Russian journalist, writer, and translator
  • Platon Obukhov (b. 1968), Russian journalist, writer, translator, and painter
  • Pyotr Obukhov, leader of the construction crew which Karl Blank, Russian architect, joined
  • Sergey Obukhov (b. 1974), Russian bandy player
  • Viktor Obukhov (1898–1975), Soviet general
  • Vladimir Obukhov (b. 1992), Russian association football player
  • Yelena Obukhova, bronze medalist in women's high jump at the 1986 World Junior Championships in Athletics
  • Yevgeny Obukhov (1921-1944), Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Yevgeniya Obukhova, Miss Russia 2007 contestant



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