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Serra (surname)

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  Serra ( , , , ) is Latin for "saw"Online Etymology Dictionary (a view from a high place, or a saw, see serrated), Italian for "greenhouse", and SardinianPittau, Massimo (2006). Dizionario dei cognomi di Sardegna, v.3, p.190, L'Unione Sarda, Galician, Portuguese and Catalan for "mountain range" or "saw".
Serra can be used as a given name or as a surname. As a surname, it may refer to:
  • Albert Serra, Spanish independent filmmaker
  • Antonio Serra, Italian comics writer
  • Antonio Serra, Italian philosopher and economist
  • Barbara Serra, British journalist
  • Chico Serra, Brazilian racing driver
  • Diana Serra Cary, known as Baby Peggy Montgomery, American child actress
  • Eduardo Serra, Portuguese cinematographer
  • Éric Serra, French composer
  • Fiorenzo Serra (1921–2005), Italian film director
  • Florent Serra, French tennis player
  • Gabriela Serra (born 1951), Spanish teacher and politician
  • Jaime Serra Puche, Mexican economist
  • Jaume Collet-Serra, Spanish-American film director
  • Jean Serra (born 1940), French mathematician and engineer
  • José Correia da Serra, Portuguese polymath
  • José Serra, Brazilian politician
  • St. Junípero Serra, Spanish missionary
  • Luciana Serra, Italian soprano
  • Manuel Francisco Serra, Portuguese footballer who played as a defender for Benfica.
  • María Martha Serra Lima, Argentine singer
  • Matt Serra, American martial artist
  • Narcís Serra, Spanish politician
  • Osvaldo de Jesus Serra Van-Dúnem, Angolan politician
  • Pedro António Joaquim Correia da Serra Garção, Portuguese poet
  • Richard Serra, American sculptor
  • Sila Calderon Serra, first female governor of Puerto Rico
  • Tony Serra, American activist

Fictional characters

  • Inara Serra, character from the science-fiction television series Firefly
  • Serra, character of the collectible card-game Magic: The Gathering
  • Col Serra, main character in Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

See also

  • Serra (disambiguation)
  • Sierra (disambiguation)

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