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Toko (disambiguation)

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Toko is a small rural settlement near Stratford, New Zealand.
Toko may also refer to:


  • Toko, Cameroon, a commune in Cameroon
  • Toko, Queensland, a locality in the Shires of Boulia and Diamantina, Queensland, Australia
  • Tōkō, the former Japanese name for Donggang, Pingtung, Taiwan
  • Toko (architecture), a Japanese architectural feature
  • As an abbreviation of Tokomairiro or Tokomairaro, New Zealand:
    • Toko Mouth, a settlement near Milton
    • Tokomairiro High School, Milton
    • Tokomairaro River

People and fictional characters

;Given name
  • Toko Fukawa (腐川 冬子), fictional character in Danganronpa
  • , fictional character in Kara no Kyōkai
  • , Japanese manga artist
  • Toko Ratana (1894–1944), New Zealand politician
  • , Japanese ink painting artist
  • Toko Yasuda, Japanese electronic musician
  • Esther Toko (born 2000), Nigerian rower
  • , Japanese ice hockey player
  • , Japanese ice hockey player
  • Nabatingue Toko (born 1952), Chadian footballer
  • Nzuzi Toko (born 1990), Cameroonian footballer
  • Salwa Toko (born 1975), French diversity and digital literacy activist


  • Tōko (game), Japanese version of the East Asian pitch-pot game
  • Toko (shop), a shop for Asian products in the Netherlands
  • Toko Ski Wax, a brand of Swix
  • Toko University, Taiwan

See also

  • Togo, country in Africa
  • Tokyo, capital of Japan
  • Toco, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Tonko

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