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Jonče Hristovski

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Jonče Hristovski (Macedonian: Јонче Христовски; born 1931 in Bitola – 5 April 2000 in SkopjeObituary: Jonče Hristovski ) was a Macedonian singer and composer of folk music. During his career he gained a special reputation among the people as a communicative person and wonderful singer.Encyclopaedia Macedonica, p 1591, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje, 2009 and Among his many successes, his most popular song is Makedonsko Devojče composed in 1964.
Besides his solo career, he has been singing and performing with the CA Tanec and he has been director of one show produced by the national Macedonian Television.
Jonče Hristovski suffered a terrible tragedy when his wife was amongst those killed in the catastrophic earthquake that struck Skopje in 1963. He was left to raise their two daughters Olgica and Nevenka.


Among his many songs, most notable are:Encyclopaedia Macedonica, p 1592, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje, 2009 and
  • Edno ime imame
  • Živote moj
  • Aj zasvirete mi čalgii
  • Zapej pesna makedonska
  • Makedonsko devojče
  • Ako umram il zaginam

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