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Bulbophyllum windsorense

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name = Thread-tipped rope orchid
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genus = Bulbophyllum
species = windsorense
authority = B.Gray & D.L.Jones
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synonyms = Oxysepala windsorensis (B.Gray & D.L.Jones) D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem.
Bulbophyllum windsorense, commonly known as the thread-tipped rope orchid, is a species of epiphytic orchid that has small pseudobulbs partly hidden by brown, papery bracts. Each pseudobulb has a single fleshy, dark green, grooved leaf and one or two cream-coloured or greenish flowers. It mainly grows near the breezy tops of trees, especially Callitris macleayana trees and is endemic to tropical North Queensland.


Bulbophyllum windsorense is an epiphytic herb that has pseudobulbs long, wide and partly covered by brown bracts along stems that are long. Each pseudobulb has a stalkless, narrow elliptic to oblong leaf long and wide with a channel on the upper surface. The flowers are long and wide and are arranged singly or in pairs on a flowering stem long. The sepals and petals are fleshy, the sepals long, about wide with tapering, thread-like tips. The petals are long and about wide. The labellum is fleshy, curved in a semicircle, about long and wide. Flowering occurs from May to August.

Taxonomy and naming

Bulbophyllum windsorense was first formally described in 1964 by Bruce Gray and David Jones who published the description in Austrobaileya from a specimen collected by Gray on the Windsor Tableland. The specific epithet (windsorense) refers to the type location.

Distribution and habitat

The thread-tipped rope orchid usually grows on the tops of rainforest trees, especially Callitris macleayana where it is exposed to breezes, but also on the trunks of tree ferns and on trees remaining in cleared paddocks. It is found between the Cedar Bay National Park and the Paluma Range National Park.
Category:Orchids of Queensland
Category:Endemic orchids of Australia
Category:Plants described in 1989

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