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  Nakao (written: 中尾) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Akira Nakao (born 1942), Japanese actor, TV personality and artist from Kisarazu, Chiba
  • Akira Nakao (boxer) (born 1909), Japanese boxer who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics
  • , Japanese actor
  • Eiichi Nakao (born 1930), Japanese politician
  • Eri Nakao, Japanese voice actress
  • Janine Nakao (born 1987), judoka from USA
  • Jutaro Nakao (born 1970), Japanese mixed martial artist
  • Koji Nakao (born 1981), former Japanese football player
  • Kotaro Nakao (born 1969), former Japanese football player
  • Mana Nakao (born 1986), Japanese football player
  • Mie Nakao (born 1946), Japanese actress and singer
  • Miki Nakao (born 1978), former backstroke swimmer from Japan and Olympic medallist
  • RyÅ«sei Nakao (born 1951), Japanese actor, voice actor and singer
  • Seigo Nakao, head of Japanese Studies at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, United States
  • Takayoshi Nakao (born 1956), former Japanese professional baseball player
  • Takehiko Nakao (born 1956), Japanese civil servant, elected ninth president of the Asian Development Bank in 2013
  • Tomomi Nakao (born 1981), former Japanese volleyball player who played for Ageo Medics
  • Toshiyuki Nakao, professional shogi player
  • Tsuyoshi Nakao (born 1983), former Japanese football player
  • Wendy Egyoku Nakao, the abbott of the Zen Center of Los Angeles
  • Yoshihiro Nakao, Japanese semi-retired professional mixed martial artist
  • Masaki Nakao, (born 1996), Japanese actor and entertainer

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