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  Rijkens is a Dutch surname. Among variant forms are Rijk, Rijke, Rijken, Rijkes and Rijks, while the ij digraph in Dutch names is often replaced with a "y" abroad. These usually are patronymic surnames ("Rijk's son"), but occasionally may stem from rijk meaning "rich" in Dutch.Rijken at the Database of Surnames in The Netherlands. People with these surnames include:
  • Pieter Rijke (1812–1899), Dutch experimental physicist
  • Robine Rijke (born 1996), Dutch cricketer
  • Sjaak Rijke (born 1960), Dutch Al-Qaeda kidnapping victim
;Rijken / Ryken
  • Frank Rijken (born 1996), Dutch gymnast
  • Leland Ryken (born 1942), American Christian literary scholar
  • Philip Ryken (born 1966), American college president, son of Leland Ryken
  • Theodoor Jacobus Rijken or Brother Francis Xavier (1797–1871), Dutch Catholic missionary in the US, founder of the Xaverian Brothers in Belgium
    • St. Mary's Ryken High School, Maryland secondary school sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers
  • Derk Rijkens (born 1975), Dutch cricketer
  • Paul Rijkens (1888–1965), Dutch businessman, founding chairman of Unilever
;Rijkes / Rijks
  • Jaap Rijks (1919–2017), Dutch equestrian
  • Sarah Rijkes (born 1991), Austrian racing cyclist

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  • De Rijke, Dutch surname meaning "the rich"

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