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Mizui is a Japanese surname and toponym. Its meaning differs depending on the kanji used to write it.


Kanji used to write the name Mizui include:
  • , "place where the water is"
  • , "water well"
  • , "auspicious clothing"
  • "heart-purification clothing"


  • , Japanese badminton player
  • Hisako Mizui, represented Japan in Badminton at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Women's singles
  • Seiji Mizui, Japanese rear admiral of the Second World War, commanding officer of the 18th Cruiser Division (Imperial Japanese Navy)
  • , Japanese badminton player
  • Shinji Mizui (born 1974), member of Pierrot (band)

Fictional characters

  • Mizui, character in 2005 Japanese film My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
  • Places

  • , Echizen Railway Mikuni Awara Line railway station located in Sakai, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

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