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is a masculine Japanese given name.

Possible writings

Masaru can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:
  • 勝, "excel"
  • 優, "excel"
  • 大, "large"
  • å°† or å°‡, "commander"
The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.

People with the name

  • Masaru Akiba (勝), a Japanese football player
  • Masaru Emoto (勝), a Japanese author
  • Masaru Furukawa (勝), a Japanese swimmer and olympic champion
  • , Japanese equestrian
  • Gagamaru Masaru (勝), a Georgian sumo wrestler
  • Masaru Hamaguchi (優), Japanese comedian
  • Masaru Hayami (優), the 28th Governor of the Bank of Japan
  • Masaru Ibuka (大), a Japanese electronics industrialist
  • Masaru Ikeda (勝), a Japanese actor and voice actor
  • Grant Masaru Imahara, an American electronics and radio control expert
  • Masaru Inada (勝), a Japanese skeleton racer
  • Inoue Masaru (勝), a Japanese samurai known as the "father of the Japanese railways"
  • , Japanese field hockey player
  • Masaru Katori (まさる), a female Japanese writer and manga author
  • Masaru Kageura (å°‡), a Japanese baseball player
  • , Japanese footballer
  • Masaru Kitao (勝), a Japanese animator
  • Masaru Konuma (勝), a Japanese director
  • Masaru Kurotsu (勝), a Japanese football player
  • Kyokutenhō Masaru (勝), a Mongolian sumo wrestler
  • Masaru Matsuhashi (優), a Japanese football player
  • , Japanese sport wrestler
  • Masaru Edward Fulenwider-Musashi, a Wushu martial artist, stuntman, and an actor
  • , Japanese ski jumper
  • , Japanese baseball player
  • Masaru Ogawa (勝), a Japanese figure skater
  • , Japanese baseball player
  • Masaru Sakurai (è³¢), a member of the Japanese musical group The Alfee
  • Masaru Sato (勝), a Japanese composer
  • Masaru Shimabukuro (優), a member of the Okinawan music band Begin
  • Masaru Shintani, a Japanese-Canadian Karate master
  • Masaru Takumi (勝), a Japanese yakuza
  • Masaru Tobita (å°†), known as Survival Tobita, a Japanese professional wrestler
  • Wakanohana Masaru (勝), a Japanese sumo wrestler
  • , Japanese lawyer and politician

Fictional characters

  • Masaru (マサル), a character in the manga and animated film Akira
  • Masaru Daimon (Marcus Damon in the English dub), a character from the anime series Digimon Savers
  • Masaru Kato (勝), a character from the anime and manga series Gantz
  • Masaru Aoki of Hajime no Ippo
  • Masaru Sera, the Third Chairman of the Tojo Clan in the first game in the Yakuza series
    • Masaru Watase, the Waka gashira of the Omi Alliance in Yakuza 5
  • Masaru "Echo" Enatsu, an SAT operative in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Masaru Daimon, a character in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.
  • Masaru Bakugou (爆豪 勝), Katsuki Bakugo's father and the husband of Mitsuki Bakugo in the manga and anime My Hero Academia

See also

  • 27791 Masaru, a main-belt asteroid
  • IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award
  • Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san, a manga series

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