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Fisichella is an Italian noble family (of Sicilian origin), currently present in around 130 Italian municipalities.References:

  • Onomastics

    It's a Latin-based , feminine diminutive for fisicus (physician).
    It originated on the outskirts of Catania in the Middle Ages, probably to indicate the daughter of a physician.


    • Antoninus Phisichella, chaplain at Monasterium Album, Campanarazzu, ~1575-1600.Matrimonio famiglia Marchese Santonocito - May 22nd 1600 - Sorry Wikipedia blocked the url, type 16000522_Marchese Luca Santonocito Armenia_Matrimonio in Google
    • Francesco Fisichella, ambassador of the city of Catania at the court of Madrid since 1671.
    • Giuseppe Fisichella, judge of the High Court of the Kingdom of Sicily in 1770, 1772 and 1782.
    • (born 1841), priest and philosopher.
    • Domenico Fisichella (born 1935), politician and professor.
    • Salvatore Fisichella (born 1943), tenor.
    • Rino Fisichella (born 1951), theologian and archbishop.
    • Giancarlo Fisichella (born 1973), racing driver.
    • Dimitri Fisichella (born 1974), television presenter and pitchman.
    • Brandon Fisichella, American historical and military educator


  • A mysterious "baron Fisichella" appears several times in (a Leonardo Sciascia's novel), interpreted in the derived film (of the same title) by .



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