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Ottaviano Carafa

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Ottaviano Carafa (died 14 April 1666) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Titular Archbishop of Patrae (1660–1666). (in Latin)"Archbishop Ottaviano Carafa" David M. Cheney. Retrieved July 14, 2016 "Patrae (Veters) (Titular See)" David M. Cheney. Retrieved February 29, 2016 "Titular Metropolitan See of Patræ" Gabriel Chow. Retrieved February 29, 2016


On 19 April 1660, Ottaviano Carafa was appointed during the papacy of Pope Alexander VII as Titular Archbishop of Patrae. On 25 April 1660, he was consecrated bishop by Giulio Cesare Sacchetti, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina. He served as Titular Archbishop of Patrae until his death on 14 April 1666.

Episcopal succession

While bishop, he was the principal co-consecrator of:

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