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  Chernyak, Czerniak, Czarniak, Cherniak or Cherniack is a gender-neutral Slavic surname. It is derived from čьrnÑŠ ("black").
Czerniak and Czarniak are the Polish variants, with Czerniak being about six times more common.
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! Language !! Masculine !! Feminine
Belarusian colspan=2 align=center
(ÄŒarniak, Charniak, Charnyak)
Polish colspan=2 align=center Czerniak ( )
Czarniak ( )
(Romanization) colspan=2 align=center
(Chernyak, Cherniak, ÄŒerniak)
Slovak Černák Černáková
(Romanization) colspan=2 align=center
(Chernyak, Cherniak, ÄŒerniak)
Other colspan=2 align=center Čerňák, Černjak, Tcherniak, Tschernjak


  • Boris Cherniak (born 1964), Russian-born comedy hypnotist, motivational speaker, entertainer, author, illusionist and hypnotherapist
  • Christopher Cherniak, American philosophy academic
  • Evgeniy Chernyak (born 1969), Ukrainian businessman
  • Konrad Czerniak (born 1989), Polish swimmer
  • Leah Cherniak (born 1956), Canadian playwright and theatre director
  • Moshe Czerniak (1910–1984), Polish-Israeli chess master
  • Nathalie Sarraute (born Natalya Chernyak, 1900–1999), French lawyer and writer
  • Saul Cherniack (born 1917), Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Yan Chernyak (1909–1995), World War II Soviet spy
  • Brothers Tim Czerniak and Elis Czerniak of Halves (band)
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