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Taka (disambiguation)

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Bangladeshi taka is the currency of Bangladesh.
Taka may also refer to:


  • Taka (given name), a masculine Japanese given name
  • Nicknamed or pseudonym

    • William Tucker (settler) (1784–1817), early settler in New Zealand, called Taka by Maori
    • , also known as DJ Taka, popular Bemani artist
    • , Japanese artist nicknamed "Taka", "Taka-san", "Taka-chan"
    • : Kazuko, Princess Taka


    • Chazel Taka (1929–1974), Iraqi poet and politician
    • Efraim Taka (born 1989), Israeli footballer; see List of Israeli football transfers summer 2014
    • , Japanese academic
    • Jussi Taka (born 1993) Finnish snowboarder
    • Taka Sisters (disbanded 1936), Japanese-American Vaudeville act comprising three sisters Taka: Myrtle (1916-2011), Midi (1914-1936), Mary (1912-1991)
    • , Japanese-American actress
    • Osman Taka (died 1887), Albanian dancer
    • Seveci Taka (born 1981), Fijian rugby player
    • , Japanese ice hockey player
    • Tony Taka (born 1971), Japanese mangaka and artist

    Fictional characters

  • Scar (The Lion King), known as "Taka" in the Disney Lion King Backstory
  • Places

    • Taka, Hyōgo, a town in Taka District, Japan
    • Taka District, Hyōgo, a county-level unit in Japan
    • Mount Taka (Osaka/Hyōgo), a mountain in Japan
    • Taka Island (Taka-shima), a Japanese island in the KujÅ«ku Islands
    • Taka Atoll, a coral atoll in the Ratak Chain of the Marshall Islands
    • TÉ™kyÉ™, Azerbaijan
    • Taka, a former name for the district around Kassala, Sudan, now Kassala; see Alodia

    Other uses

    • Taka (film), a 2005 Bangladeshi drama film
    • Taka (paper mache)
    • Taka (boat), a traditional small boat used for carrying load or passengers, often built by Laz people of the Black Sea region
    • Al-Taka SC, a Sudanese soccer club
    • Taka, the term used in Bengali-speaking regions and sometimes in Maithili-speaking regions of India for Indian Rupee
    • History of the taka, historical currencies so named

    See also

    • Taqa (disambiguation)
    • TACA (disambiguation)
    • Tacca (disambiguation)

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