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  Grassi is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Achille Grassi, Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal
  • Alberto Grassi, Italian footballer
  • Alex de Grassi, American guitarist
  • Bruno Grassi, Brazilian footballer
  • Carlo Grassi, Italian cardinal
  • Carlo Grassi, Italian partisan
  • Claudio Grassi, Italian tennis player
  • Davide Grassi, Italian footballer
  • Ernesto Grassi, Italian philosopher
  • Franz Dominic Grassi, German merchant with Italian descent
  • Giacomo di Grassi, Italian fencing master
  • Giorgio Grassi, Italian architect
  • Giovanni Antonio Grassi, Jesuit priest and President of Georgetown University
  • Giovanni Battista Grassi, Italian physician and zoologist
  • Giuseppe Grassi, Italian politician, member of the Italian Liberal Party
  • Giuseppe Grassi, Italian cyclist
  • Giuseppina Grassi, Mexican professional road cyclist
  • Gregorio Grassi, Italian Franciscan friar and bishop
  • Josef Grassi, Austrian portrait and history painter
  • Libero Grassi, Italian clothing manufacturer, killed by the Mafia
  • Lucas di Grassi, Brazilian race-car driver
  • Luigi Grassi, Italian footballer
  • Marco Grassi, Swiss footballer
  • Mitch Grassi, Member of the a cappella group Pentatonix (also a sassy little queen)
  • Nicolò Grassi, also known as Nicola Grassi, Italian painter, active in a late-Baroque or Rococo style
  • Orazio Grassi, Italian Jesuit astronomer and mathematician
  • Paolo Grassi, Italian theatrical impresario
  • Raymond Grassi, Canadian former ice sledge hockey player
  • Tullio Grassi, Swiss footballer

See also

  • De Grassi (disambiguation)
  • De Grassi Street, a street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Di Grassi
  • Grassi Museum, a building complex in Leipzig, Germany, home to three museums: the Ethnography Museum, Musical Instruments Museum, and Applied Arts Museum
  • Mount Lawrence Grassi, a mountain located immediately south of the town of Canmore, in Alberta's Canadian Rockies
  • Palazzo Grassi, the former estate of the Grassi family located on the Grand Canal (Venice)

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