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Baranov (masculine) or Baranova (feminine) ( ) is a common Russian surname. It is derived from the sobriquet "баран" (argali, lamb). Notable people with the surname include:
  • Alexander Andreyevich Baranov, first governor of Russian Alaska
  • Alexander Ivanovich Baranov, Russian Army Colonel General
  • Alyaksandr Baranaw, Belarusian footballer
  • Anastasia Baranova, Russian American actress
  • Elena Baranova, Kyrgyzstan-born professional basketball player in America
  • Fedor I. Baranov, Russian fisheries scientist
  • Lyubov Baranova, Soviet cross-country skier
  • Matwai Baranov, Israeli Olympic wrestler
  • Natalia Baranova-Masolkina, Russian cross-country skier
  • Nikita Baranov, Estonian footballer
  • Nikolay Baranov, Soviet sprint canoer
  • Oleksandr Baranov, Soviet and Ukrainian football player and coach
  • Sergei Baranov (figure skater), Ukrainian ice dancer
  • Sergei Andreyevich Baranov, Russian volleyball player
  • Valery Baranov, Russian colonel general
  • Veera Baranova, Estonian triple jumper
  • Victoria Baranova, Russian track cyclist
  • Viktor Baranov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Vitaliy Baranov, Ukrainian ice dancer
  • Vladimir Baranov-Rossine, Russian avant-garde artist
  • Yevgeni Zakharovich Baranov (1869–1934), Russian historian, see :ru:Баранов, Евгений Захарович

See also

  • Baranovka (disambiguation)
  • Baranowski
  • Tatiana Baganova, Russian dance choreographer

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