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Van Zandt

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  Van Zandt, van Zandt or Vanzandt, is a surname of Dutch origin.
Van Zandt or its variants may refer to:


  • Van Zandt Williams (1916–1966), President of the Optical Society of America and Director of the American Institute of Physics
  • Billy Van Zandt (born 1957), American playwright and actor
  • Caitlin Van Zandt (born 1985), American actress
  • David E. Van Zandt, American academic administrator
  • Charles C. Van Zandt (1830-1894), Governor of Rhode Island
  • Ike Van Zandt (1876-1908), American Major League Baseball player
  • Isaac Van Zandt (1813-1847), a political leader of the Republic of Texas
  • James E. Van Zandt (1896-1986), U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • John Van Zandt (died 1847), American anti-slavery activist
  • Khleber Miller Van Zandt (1836-1930), Texas business executive, Confederate military officer, and politician
  • Lindsey VanZandt
  • Lonnie Lee VanZandt (1937-1995), professor of physics at Purdue University, Indiana
  • Marie van Zandt (1858-1919), American soprano opera singer
  • Maureen Van Zandt, actress and wife of Steven
  • Philip Van Zandt (1904-1958), Dutch actor
  • Rick van Zandt, American musician (Metal Church)
  • Steven Van Zandt (born Steven Lento in 1950), American musician and actor
  • Tim Van Zandt (born 1963), openly gay American politician
  • Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997), country music songwriter

Fictional characters

  • Danny Van Zandt, in Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Liberty Van Zandt, in Degrassi: The Next Generation


  • Van Zandt, Washington
  • Van Zandt County, Texas, United States
  • Vanzant, Kentucky

See also

  • Van Sant (disambiguation)
  • Vansant (disambiguation)
  • Van Zant (disambiguation)

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