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Kozlovsky (surname)

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Kozlovsky (masculine) or Kozlovskaya (feminine) is a Russian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Alexander Kozlovsky (1864–1940), Russian general, took part in the Kronstadt rebellion
  • Aleksey Kozlovsky (1905–1977), Russian composer
  • Danila Kozlovsky (born 1985), Russian actor
  • Dmitrii Kozlovskii
  • Eugene Kozlovsky (born 1946), Russian writer, journalist
  • Fyodor Kozlovsky (died 1770), Russian writer
  • Ivan Kozlovsky (1900–1993), Soviet singer (tenor)
  • Marina Kozlovskaya (born 1925), Soviet Russian painter
  • Mikhail Kozlovsky (1753–1802), Russian sculptor
  • Osip Kozlovsky (1757–1831), Russian composer
  • Pavel Alexandrovich Kozlovsky, Russian general
  • Pavel Pavlovich Kozlovsky (born 1942), Soviet and Belarusian general and politician
  • Pyotr Kozlovsky (1783–1840), Russian diplomat and man of letters
  • Serhiy Kozlovskyy (Kozlovsky) (born 1986), Ukrainian historian, journalist
  • Stanislav Kozlovsky, contributor to the Russian computer magazine Computerra who wrote an article on Ithkuil, a constructed language
  • Valentina Kozlovskaya (born 1938), Russian chess player
  • Vikenty Kozlovsky, Russian general
  • OndÅ™ej Kozlovský (born 1982), Czech bobsledder
  • Radim Kozlovský, paraplegic Czech athlete who participated in the 2006 Winter Paralympic Games in Turin

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  • KozÅ‚owski, a Polish last name

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