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  Ghaffari (Persian, Iranian, Islamic, Zoroastrian, Jewish. غفاری): is an Iranian family name.Zarabi, The History of Kashan, 1999 (تاريخ كاشان) While the name has no geographic origin, there are individuals in Kashan province who use the name ; however the name is found all over Iran, as families historically did not have last names until governmental policies instituted within the past century, hence the name can be found all over Iran, such as Mazandaran and Semnan.Naraqi, The Ghaffari Family of Kashan, 1966 (خاندان غفاری کاشان)

List of notables

  • Dr. Shahrokh Ghaffari, an Iranian American Professor of Chemistry
  • Maryam Ghaffari (Ragan), an Iranian American marketing instructor, tech marketing professional and artist
  • Shahram Ghaffari, an Iranian Canadian Masters Graduate of Colorado School of Mines
  • Abul Hasan Ghaffari, an Iranian painter, also known as Sani ol molk
  • Dr. Ali Ghaffari (Famous Iranian Scientist and Professor of Mechanical Engineering - University of Berkeley California)
  • Ashraf Hussain Ghaffari (Journalist)
  • Siamk Matt Ghaffari (Famous Iranian-American Olympic Wrestler), Ghaffari is one of the most accomplished Greco-Roman wrestlers in U.S.A. history. Representing the United States at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympic Games and 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games
  • Kamal-Ol-Molk (Ghaffari), famous Iranian painter and Freemasonhttp://www.ghaffaris.comSheybani, The Sheybani Family of Kashan, 1992 (خاندان شيباني كاشان)
  • Dr. Abolghassem Ghaffari (scientist and mathematician for NASA's Apollo/Gemini/Mercury projects)
  • Dr.Razzaq Ahmed Ghaffari (journalist)
  • Prof. Roozbeh Ghaffari (biomedical engineer, inventor, entrepreneur)
  • Dr. Cyrus Mohseni (PhD Mechanical Engineering - UNSW)
  • Dr. Saeed Reza Ghaffari, scientist and physician, head of Iranian Medical Genetics Society Iranian Society of Medical Genetics
  • Farokh Ghaffari (director)
  • Manucher Ghaffarifar, member of the national swim team and national record holder
  • Gholam Hossein Khan "Sahebe Ekhtiyar" (governor of Fars, Kerman, and Tehran provinces and minister of war)
  • Hassanali Khan "Moaven Eddoleh" (Ambassador to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Austria, and Switzerland)
  • Abdullah Entezam -Saltaneh Chairman of National Iranian Oil Company, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Secretary of State)
  • Nasrullah Entezam-Saltaneh Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador to the United States of America, President of the United Nations General Assembly, Minister of Health and Human Services (Secretary of Health and Human Services), Master of Ceremony of the Imperial Court
  • Hosein Kalani One of the most Famous Footballers (Soccer Player) in the Iranian History
  • Moezeddin (governor of Kashan, Natanz, and Qom under Karim Khan)
  • Mirza Abol Hassan Khan "Sani-ol-molk" (famous painter)
  • Mirza Abu Taleb "Farrokh Khan Amin Eddoleh" (Ambassador to France, politician, and Freemason)
  • Mirza Ahmed "Eetebar ol-Mamalek" (treasurer and financier)
  • Qaazi Abdol-Motaleb (judge and representative from Kashan during the council on the Moghan Plain electing Nader Shah king)
  • Yahya (died in the Battle of Karbala)
  • Alireza Ghaffari (Painter)
  • Alidad Ghaffari (Painter)
  • Khaled Ghaffari (Designer) CG
  • Sam Ghaffari (HTL Student)

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  • The Ghaffari Clan of Kashan

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