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Peter Scott (disambiguation)

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  Peter Scott (1909–1989) was a British ornithologist, conservationist, painter and sportsman.
Peter Scott may also refer to:


  • Peter Cameron Scott (1867–1896), Scottish-American missionary to Africa
  • Pete Scott (1897–1953), baseball player
  • Peter Graham Scott (1923–2007), English film producer, director, editor and screenwriter
  • Peter Dale Scott (born 1929), Canadian poet and anti-war activist
  • Peter Scott (Australian footballer) (born 1931), Australian rules footballer
  • Peter Scott (thief) (1931–2013), British burglar and thief
  • Peter Scott (educationalist) (born 1946), vice-chancellor of Kingston University
  • Peter Scott (footballer, born 1952), English-born Northern Irish footballer
  • Peter Scott (footballer, born 1963) (born 1963), English footballer for Fulham, Bournemouth and Barnet
  • Peter Scott (cricketer, born 1982), English cricketer
  • Peter Scott (cricketer, born 1912) (1912–1944), English cricketer and soldier
  • Peter Scott (canoeist) (born 1973), Australian sprint canoeist
  • Peter Scott (skier) (born 1990), alpine skier from South Africa
  • Peter Scott (field hockey) (born 1997), English field hockey player
  • G. Peter Scott (born 1945), British mathematician
  • Peter Manley Scott (born 1961), British scholar and Samuel Ferguson Professor of Applied Theology at the University of Manchester

Other uses

  • Peter Scott (film), a 1995 Indian film
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  • Peter Scot, an Indian whisky brand

  • Scott, Peter

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