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Yoshi (disambiguation)

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Yoshi is a fictional character from the Mario video game franchise.
Yoshi may also refer to:


  • Yoshi DeHerrera (born 1972), American television actor
  • , Japanese actor
  • Yoshi Sodeoka, American artist and musician
  • Yoshi Sudarso (born 1989), American actor, model and stuntman
  • Yoshi Tatsu (born 1977), ring name of Japanese pro-wrestler Naofumi Yamamoto
  • Yoshi Wada (born 1943), Japanese-American musician
  • Ikuzo Yoshi (born 1952), Japanese singer
  • Y. Misdaq, aka Yoshi, British musician and multimedia artist
  • Hitomi Yoshizawa (born 1985), nicknamed Yoshi or Yossie, Japanese idol, Morning Musume member
  • Naoki Yoshida (born 1973), aka Yoshi-P, Japanese video game producer, director and designer working for Square-Enix


  • Yoshi (crater), a small lunar crater in the vicinity of Aratus CA
  • Yoshi's, two jazz clubs of the same chain located in the U.S. cities of Oakland and San Francisco, both of which are in the state of California


  • Yoshi, a character in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
  • Yoshi (Bleach), a character in the Bleach anime series
  • Yoshino Fujieda, a character in the anime series Digimon Data Squad who is nicknamed Yoshi in the dub
  • Hamato Yoshi, a character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe

Other uses

  • Yoshi (genus), a prehistoric genus of sabertooth cats
  • Yoshi (franchise), a video game franchise
  • Yoshi (video game), a 1991 video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy

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  • Yoshii (disambiguation)

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