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  Visscher is a Dutch occupational surname. Visscher is an archaic spelling of Dutch visser meaning "fisherman".Visscher at the Database of Surnames in The Netherlands. Varianta are Visschers and De Visscher. The latter form is now most common in East Flanders. De Vischer at Notable people with the surname include:
  • Roemer Visscher (1547–1620), merchant and writer from Amsterdam
    • Anna Visscher (1584–1651), Dutch artist, poet, and translator, daughter of Roemer
    • Maria Tesselschade Visscher (1594–1649), Dutch poet, and engraver, daughter of Roemer
  • Claes Jansz. Visscher (1587–1652), engraver and publisher from Amsterdam
    • Nicolaes Visscher I (1618–1679), his son, Dutch cartographer and publisher
      • Nicolaes Visscher II (1649–1702), his son, Dutch cartographer and publisher
  • Frans Jacobszoon Visscher (fl.1623–1645), Dutch mariner and explorer; variants of his first name include Franchoijs or Franchoys etc; his middle name is sometimes abbreviated "Jacobsz."
  • Three brothers (de) Visscher of Haarlem:
    • Cornelis Visscher (1628/29 – 1658), Dutch engraver
    • Lambert Visscher (1633 – aft.1690), Dutch printmaker active in Italy
    • Jan de Visscher (1635/36 – aft.1692), Dutch engraver and painter
  • (1835–1912), Dutch translator and writer
  • (1864–1947), Dutch theologian and politician
  • John Paul Visscher (1895–1950), American protozoologist
  • Jantje Visscher (born 1933), American painter, photographer, and sculptor
  • (born 1960), Dutch comedian and cabaret performer
  • Maurice Visscher (1901–1983), American physiologist
  • Peter Visscher, Dutch-born Australian geneticist
  • Jacques Visschers (born 1940), Dutch footballer
  • De Visscher
    • Charles De Visscher (1884–1973), Belgian jurist
    • (1885–1964), Belgian legal historian
    • (1916–1996), Belgian jurist, son of Charles
    • Jeffrey de Visscher (born 1981), Dutch footballer
    • William Lightfoot Visscher (1842-1924), poet & newspaperman in Washington State

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    • Visscher Island, Tasmania, named after Frans Jacobszoon Visscher
    • Visscher panorama, an engraving of London by Claes Visscher
    • Visser, Dutch surname of the same origin
    • Vischer, German surname of the same origin

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