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Davidson (name)

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Davidson is a patronymic surname, meaning "son/descendant of David" (or "Beloved Son/Descendant"; 'David' lit. "Beloved One"). There are alternate spellings called septs, including those common in the British Isles and Scandinavia: Davidsen, Davisson, Davison, Daveson, Davidsson. While the given name comes from the Hebrew "David", meaning beloved, Davidson is rarely used as a masculine given name or nickname.
It is also an anglicised version of the Ashkenazi Jewish surname Davidovitch, Slavic for "son of David" and Davidoff.


Notable people with the surname Davidson include:


  • Adam Davidson (disambiguation)
  • Alan Davidson (disambiguation)
    • Alan Keith Davidson (born 1929), Australian cricketer
    • Alan Davidson (food writer) (1924–2003), British diplomat, historian and food writer
    • Alan Davidson (Scottish footballer) (born 1960), Scottish footballer
    • Alan Douglas Davidson, Australian pilot; first Qantas death
    • Alan Edward Davidson (born 1960), Australian soccer player
  • Alexander Davidson (disambiguation), several people, including:
    • Alexander Davidson (architect) (1839–1908), Scottish architect
    • Alex Davidson (Australian footballer), Australian rules footballer
    • Alex Davidson (rugby league), rugby league player
  • Allan Davidson (disambiguation)
    • Scotty Davidson Allan "Scotty" Davidson (1890–1915), Canadian hockey player
  • Amy Davidson (born 1979), American actress
  • Andrew B. Davidson (1831–1902), Scottish Hebrew scholar
  • Andy Davidson (disambiguation)
  • Anstruther Davidson (1860–1932), Scottish-American physician and botanist
  • Anthony Davidson (born 1979), British racing driver
  • Arnold Davidson, American philosopher
  • Arthur Davidson (disambiguation)
  • Avram Davidson (1923–1993), American science fiction writer
  • Basil Davidson (1914–2010), English historian of Africa
  • Ben Davidson (1940–2012), American football player
  • Bessie Davidson (1879–1965), Australian painter
  • Bill Davidson (disambiguation), several people, including:
* Bill Davidson (American football, born 1915) (1915–1970), American football player
* Bill Davidson (American football, born 1935) (1935–1999), American football player and coach
* Bill Davidson (baseball) (1884–1954), outfielder in Major League Baseball (1909–1911)
* Bill Davidson (businessman) (1923–2009), American business and professional sports executive
* Bill Davidson (rugby league) (fl. 1914–1923), New Zealand rugby league player
* Bill Davidson, (1948–2004), Canadian rock climber, known as Kayak Bill
  • Bob Davidson (ice hockey), Canadian hockey player
  • Bob Davidson (umpire), baseball umpire
  • Bruce Davidson (equestrian), American equestrian
  • Bruce Davidson (photographer) (born 1933), American photographer
  • Callum Davidson, Scottish football player and coach
  • Carolyn Davidson (?–?), designed the Nike swoosh
  • Charles Davidson (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Charlie Davidson (born 1972), American football player
  • Chy Davidson (born 1959), American football player.
  • David Davidson (disambiguation), several people
  • Davidson (Essex cricketer), English cricketer playing 1784–1787
  • Dean Davidson (born 1985), Speedway race car driver
  • Della Davidson (1951–2012), American modern dancer and choreographer
  • Donald Davidson (disambiguation), several people, including:
    • Donald Davidson (historian) (?–?), British-born Indianapolis Motor Speedway historian
    • Donald Davidson (philosopher) (1917–2003), American philosopher
    • Donald Davidson (poet) (1893–1968), American poet
  • Doug Davidson (born 1954), American actor


  • Eileen Davidson (born 1959), American actress
  • Eric H. Davidson (born 1937), American biologist
  • Ernest R. Davidson (born 1936), American chemist
  • Frances Davidson, Viscountess Davidson (1894–1985), British politician
  • Frankie Davidson (born 1934), Australian singer and entertainer
  • George Davidson (disambiguation), several people, including:
* George Davidson (athlete) (1898–1948), New Zealand track and field athlete
* George Davidson (attorney) (born 1942), American attorney
* George Davidson (cricketer) (1866–1899), Derbyshire cricketer
* George Davidson (footballer) (1872–1945), Australian rules footballer who played with South Melbourne
* George Davidson (geographer) (1825–1911), English-American geographer
* George Davidson (minister) (1855–1936), Presbyterian minister in South Australia
* George Davidson (politician) (1850–1935), Northwest Territories MLA
* George Forrester Davidson (1909–1995), Canadian civil servant
* George Davidson Grant (1870–1915), Canadian politician
* George Davidson Todd (1856–1929), mayor of Louisville, Kentucky
  • Greg Davidson (born 1970), Australian cricketer
  • Greg Davidson (American football) (born 1958), American football player
  • Gustav Davidson (1895–1971), American poet and angelologist
  • Harold Davidson (1875–1937), English clergyman who was defrocked
  • Harriet Miller Davidson (1839–1883), Scottish-Australian novelist
  • Brigadier General Henry Brevard Davidson (1831–1899), American Civil War, Confederate Army
  • Hilda Ellis Davidson (1914–2006), English antiquarian and mythographer
  • Ian Davidson (Scottish politician) (born 1950), Scottish politician
  • Inger Davidson (born 1944), Swedish politician
  • J. Norman Davidson (FRS), Scottish biochemist, pioneer molecular biologist and textbook author.
  • Jack Davidson (1875–1952), Australian rules footballer
  • Jack Davidson (Scottish footballer) (born 1925), Scottish footballer (East Fife FC)
  • James Dale Davidson (?–?), American founder of the National Taxpayers Union
  • James Davidson (disambiguation)
  • James Duncan Davidson (born 1970), software engineer
  • James Edward Davidson Australian founder of News Limited
  • Jane Davidson (born 1957), Welsh politician
  • Jaye Davidson (born 1968), British actor
  • Jim Davidson (disambiguation), several people, including:
    • Jim Davidson (born 1953), English comedian
  • Jo Davidson, American sculptor
  • John Andrew Davidson (1852–1903), Canadian politician
  • John Davidson (disambiguation), several people, including:
    • John Davidson (entertainer) (born 1941), American actor, host of the game show Hollywood Squares
    • John Davidson (ice hockey) (1912–1996), a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player
    • John Davidson (poet) (1857–1909), Scottish poet and playwright
    • John Davidson, 1st Viscount Davidson, earlier known as John Colin Campbell Davidson,(1889–1970), British politician
      • John Ogilvie Davidson, Canadian packer, guide and rancher, known as "Skook" Davidson
    • Major General John Davidson (general) John "Black Jack" Davidson (1825–1881), Mexican–American War
  • Jonathan Davidson, British civil engineer and soldier
  • Kevin Davidson (born 1997), American football player
  • Lionel Davidson (born 1922), English poet


  • Majel Davidson (1885–1969), Scottish artist
  • Marlon Davidson (born 1998), American football player
  • Marie Davidson (born 1987), French-Canadian electronic musician
  • Mary Davidson (1902–1986), Irish politician
  • Mary Davidson (artist) (1865–1951), Scottish artist
  • Mary Davidson (editor) (1872–1941), American newspaper editor and politician
  • Max Davidson (born 1950), German-born film comedian
  • Melody Davidson (?–?), Canadian hockey coach
  • Michael Davidson (poet) (born 1944), American poet
  • Michael Davidson (singer) (born 1969), singer and songwriter
  • Mike Davidson (born 1963), New Zealand freestyle swimmer
  • Murray Davidson, Scottish football player
  • Neil Davidson, Baron Davidson of Glen Clova, Scottish lawyer
  • Nora Fontaine Davidson (1836–1929), American teacher
  • Ogunlade Davidson (?–?), Sierra Leonean academic
  • Osha Gray Davidson (born 1954), American writer
  • Owen Davidson (born 1943), Australian tennis player
  • Patricia Davidson (Canadian politician) (born 1946), Canadian politician
  • Paul Davidson (disambiguation)
  • Pete Davidson (born 1993), American stand-up comedian
  • Philip Davidson (1882–unknown), American gangster
  • Lt. General Phillip Davidson (1915–1996), served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War
  • Randall Davidson (1848–1930), 1st Baron Davidson of Lambeth, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Richard Davidson (born 1951), American scientist
  • Richard M. Davidson, Old Testament scholar
  • Robert Davidson (inventor) (1804–1894), Scottish inventor
  • Robert Laurenson Dashiell Davidson (1909–1998), philatelist of Missouri
  • Robyn Davidson (born 1950), Australian writer
  • Rollo Davidson (1944–1970), mathematician
  • Ronald C. Davidson (1941–2016), physicist
  • Ross Davidson (1949–2006), British actor
  • Ross Davidson (footballer, born 1973), English footballer
  • Ross Davidson (footballer, born 1989), English footballer
  • Ross Davidson (footballer, born 1993), Scottish footballer


  • Samuel Davidson (1807–1898), Irish Biblical scholar
  • Samuel Cleland Davidson (1846–1921), Irish inventor and founder of the Belfast Sirocco Works
  • Stewart Davidson (1886–1960), Scottish football player and coach
  • Stuart Davidson (cricketer) (born 1972), Scottish cricketer
  • Sven Davidson (born 1928), Swedish tennis player
  • Thomas Davidson (palaeontologist) (1817–1885), Scottish-British palaeontologist
  • Thomas Davidson (philosopher) (1840–1900), Scottish philosopher
  • Tierna Davidson (born 1998), American soccer player
  • Tommy Davidson (born 1965), American actor
  • True Davidson (1901–1978), Canadian mayor
  • W. K. Davidson (1904-1974), American politician and businessman
  • Walter Edward Davidson (1859–1923), Colonial governor of the Seychelles, Newfoundland, New South Wales
  • Walter Davidson, Sr. (one of the founders of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company)
  • Will Davidson, UK footballer active in the 1890s
  • William Davidson (disambiguation), several people, including:
* William Davidson (bishop) (1919–2006), bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas:* Bill Davidson (businessman) (1922–2009), Michigan businessman and sports team owner
* William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan, named in honor of Bill Davidson
* William Davidson (British Columbia politician) (fl. 1867–1907), Scottish-born miner and political figure
* William Davidson (congressman) (1778–1857), member of the United States House of Representatives from North Carolina

* William Davidson (conspirator) (1781–1820) African Caribbean revolutionary
* William Davidson (engineer) (1844–1920), Australian civil engineer
* William Davidson (filmmaker) (1928–2009), Canadian filmmaker and TV creator
* William Davidson (lumberman) (1740–1790), Scottish settler in Canada
* William Davidson (MCC cricketer) (1811–1894), English cricketer
* William Davidson (Pennsylvania representative) (1783–1867), Pennsylvania politician
* William Davidson (sailor) (1876–1939), British competition sailor
* William Davidson (Sussex cricketer) (1920–2015), English cricketer
* Sir William Davidson of Curriehill (1614/15–c. 1689), Scottish merchant and member of the Privy council

* William Davidson Bissett (1893–1971), Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross
* William A. Davidson, one of the founders of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company
* William B. Davidson (1888–1947), American actor
* William H. Davidson (lieutenant governor) (fl. 1836–1838), Lieutenant Governor of Illinois
* William H. Davidson (motorcyclist) (1905–1992), American motorcycle racer and president of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
* Brigadier General William Lee Davidson (1746–1781), United States War of Independence, namesake of Davidson College
* William Leslie Davidson (1848–1929), Scottish philosopher
* William Mackay Davidson (1909–1991), Scottish haematologist and pathologist

* William McCartney Davidson (1872–1942), Canadian journalist, politician, and author
* William Soltau Davidson (1846–1924), New Zealander, pioneer of refrigerated shipping
* William Taylor Davidson (1837–1915), owner and editor of the Fulton Democrat newspaper

  • Willie G. Davidson (William Godfrey Davidson, born 1933), designer of the Harley-Davidson Super Glide
  • Given name

  • Davidson Black (1884–1934), Canadian paleoanthropologist
  • Fictional characters

    • Dr. Ben Davidson, fictional character on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, portrayed by actor Mark Derwin
    • PC Andy Davidson, fictional character on the BBC science fiction series Torchwood, portrayed by actor Tom Price
    • Charlene "Charley" Davidson

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