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Hardy (surname)

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  Hardy is an English and a French surnameAlbert Dauzat, Noms et prénoms de France, Librairie Larousse 1980, édition revue et commentée par Marie-Thérèse Morlet. p. 320b.Géopatronyme : repartition of the surname Hardy in France of Old French origin. Hardy comes from Old French hardi > French hardi meaning "bold, courageous" which comes from Old Frankish hardjan meaning "to make hard".Dauzat 320b The final -y is also typical of the French proper names (first names, surnames and place names, with the notable exception Henri, when it is a given name). The name could also be an Anglicized form of the Irish languageIrish name Mac Giolla Deacair meaning "son of the hard lad". Notable persons with that surname include:

List of persons with the surname


  • Adolphe Hardy (1868–1954), Belgian poet and journalist
  • Adolphe-Marie Hardy (1920-2011), French bishop
  • Aaron Hardy, English footballer
  • Adrian Hardy (born 1970), American football player
  • Adrien Hardy (born 1978), French rower
  • Alexander M. Hardy, U.S. Representative from Indiana
  • Alexandre Hardy (c. 1570/1572–1632), French dramatist
  • Alfred Hardy (dermatologist) (1811–1893), French dermatologist
  • Alfred Hardy (architect) (1900–1965), Belgian contractor and autodidact architect
  • Alfred Douglas Hardy (1870–1958), Australian amateur collector of freshwater algae specimens
  • Alfred Gathorne-Hardy, British politician
  • Alister Hardy, English marine biologist
  • Ange Hardy (born 1983), English singer
  • Anne Hardy, British artist
  • Annie Hardy, American singer-guitarist with Giant Drag
  • Anthony Hardy, English mental patient and murderer
  • Antonio Hardy, a.k.a. Big Daddy Kane, African-American rap artist
  • Arnold Hardy, American photographer
  • Arthur Charles Hardy, Canadian politician
  • Arthur Hardy (actor), British actor
  • Arthur Hardy (footballer), English footballer
  • Arthur Sherburne Hardy, American novelist and diplomat
  • Arthur Sturgis Hardy, Canadian politician


  • Barry Hardy, American wrestler
  • Bella Hardy, English folk musician, singer and songwriter
  • Benjamin Gower Hardy, Australian George Cross recipient
  • Ben Hardy, English Actor
  • Benjamin Hardy, Australian volleyball player
  • Bert Hardy, English photographer
  • Billy Hardy, English boxer
  • Billy Hardy (footballer), English footballer
  • Blaine Hardy, American baseball player
  • Bruce Hardy, American football player


  • "Hungry" Charles Hardy, American competitive eater
  • Carroll Hardy, American baseball player
  • Charles Hardy (Australian politician)
  • Charles Hardy (1714–1780), English naval officer
  • Charlie Hardy, Australian rules footballer
  • Chris Hardy, Canadian footballer
  • Cornelius Hardy, convict transported to Australia


  • D. Elmo Hardy (1914–2002), American entomologist
  • Dan Hardy (born 1982), English mixed martial arts fighter
  • Daniel W. Hardy, Anglican Theologian
  • Darrell Hardy, American basketball player
  • Darryl Hardy, American football player
  • David A. Hardy (born 1936), English artist
  • David T. Hardy, American author and jurist
  • Denis Hardy (economist), Québécois economist
  • Denis Hardy (politician) (1936–2016), Québécois politician
  • Don Hardy (1926–1998), English cricketer
  • Don Ed Hardy, American tattoo artist


  • Edgar Richard "Hardy" Hardcastle (1900–1995), British economist
  • Edward W. Hardy (born 1992), American composer, violinist, and violist
  • Elias Hardy, English-born lawyer and politician in New Brunswick
  • Emmett Hardy (1903–1925), American jazz cornet player
  • Ernest George Hardy, classicist
  • Evan Hardy, English rugby union player


  • F. Digby Hardy (1868–1930), English fraudster and spy during the Irish War of Independence
  • Françoise Hardy (born 1944), French singer and actress
  • Frank Hardy (1917–1994), Australian novelist and activist
  • Frantz Hardy (born 1985), American-football player
  • Frederick Daniel Hardy (1827–1911), English painter
  • Friedhelm Hardy, (1943–2004), academic who specialized in Indian languages and religions


  • G. H. Hardy (1877–1947), English mathematician
  • Gathorne Hardy, 1st Earl of Cranbrook, English politician
  • Gathorne-Hardy (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Gene Hardy, Canadian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist
  • George Hardy (labor leader), Canadian-American
  • Greg Hardy, American-football player
  • Guy U. Hardy, U.S. Representative from Colorado


  • Hagood Hardy (1937–1997), Canadian composer & pianist
  • Harry Hardy, English footballer
  • Harvey Hardy, American footballer
  • Henry Hardy, editor of the works of Isaiah Berlin
  • Heywood Hardy, English painter
  • Hugh W. Hardy U.S. Marines General


  • J. J. Hardy, American baseball player
  • Jack Hardy (catcher), baseball player
  • Jack Hardy, Canadian politician
  • Jack Hardy (singer-songwriter)
  • James D. Hardy, Jr., American academic and historian
  • James Greene Hardy (1795–1856), Kentucky politician and orator; Lt. Governor of Kentucky
  • James Hardy (American football) (born 1985)
  • James Hardy (basketball)
  • James Hardy (rower)
  • Janet Hardy, American erotic writer
  • Jean Hardy (1762–1802), French general of the French Revolution
  • Jeff Hardy, American wrestler
  • Jeff Hardy (rugby league), Australian rugby league player
  • Jeff Hardy (swimmer), Australian Paralympic swimmer
  • Jeremy Hardy (1961–2019), English comedian
  • Jermaine Hardy, American footballer
  • Jessica Hardy (Australia), Big Brother competitor
  • Jessica Hardy (born 1987), American swimmer
  • Jim Hardy (born 1923), American football quarterback
  • Jocelyn 'Joe' Hardy, professional ice hockey player
  • John Crumpton Hardy (20th century), President of the Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College
  • John Francis Gathorne-Hardy (1874–1949), British First World War General who served in Italy and the Western Front
  • John Gathorne-Hardy, 2nd Earl of Cranbrook (1839–1911), British peer and Conservative Member of Parliament
  • John Hardee, American jazz musician
  • John Hardy (composer), British composer
  • John Hardy (geneticist), British human geneticist and molecular biologist
  • John Hardy (jewelry) (born 1949), jewelry maker
  • John Hardy (MP) (1773–1855), British MP and businessman and father of first Earl of Cranbrook
  • John Hardy (US politician) (1835–1913), U.S. Representative from New York
  • John Hardy, 1st Baronet (1809–1888), British Conservative Member of Parliament
  • John Spencer Hardy (1913–2012), American lieutenant general
  • John "Kenneth Rage" Hardy (1989–Present), American DJ
  • Jonathan Hardy, New Zealand actor and screenwriter
  • Jonny Hardy, Israeli footballer
  • Joseph A. Hardy III, American businessman
  • Joseph Hardy, American stage director
  • Joseph R. Hardy, Founder of Hardy Lures
  • Jules Hardy, Québécois doctor


  • K8 Hardy, performance artist
  • Karen Hardy, ballroom dancer
  • Kevin Hardy (defensive tackle)
  • Kevin Hardy (linebacker)


  • Larry Hardy (American football)
  • Larry Hardy (baseball)
  • Leonard W. Hardy, Mormon pioneer
  • Leslie Hardy, Rock musician
  • Linda Hardy, French actress and model
  • Louise Hardy, Canadian politician
  • Lyndon Hardy, American science-fiction author
  • Lucien Hardy, Theoretical physicist
  • Leo Hardy, Youtuber Gaming


  • Mabel Hardy (1890–1977), South Australian educator
  • María Cordero Hardy, Puerto Rican physiologist, educator and scientist
  • Marieke Hardy, Australian television writer
  • Mark A. Hardy, American surgeon
  • Mark Lea Hardy, Swiss hockey player
  • Mary Hardy (comedian), Australian television and radio presenter
  • Matt Hardy, American wrestler
  • Matthew Hardy, Australian comedian
  • Matthew P. Hardy, American reproductive biologist
  • Milton H. Hardy, American educator
  • Moses Hardy, American supercentenarian


  • Nelson Hardy, Australian Rugby League player
  • Nell Carter (1948–2003), born Nell Ruth Hardy, American singer and actress


  • Oliver Hardy (1892–1957), American comedy actor
  • P

    • Paul Hardy, American politician from Louisiana
    • Percy Hardy, English cricketer
    • Peter Hardy, Baron Hardy of Wath (1931–2003), English politician
    • Peter Hardy (actor), Australian Actor
    • Peter N.E. Hardy, Canadian brewer
    • Phil Hardy, British footballer
    • Phil Hardy, English film and music industry journalist
    • Phillip E. Hardy, American music critic
    • Porter Hardy Jr., U.S. representative from Virginia


    • Red Hardy, American baseball pitcher
    • René Hardy, member of the French Resistance
    • Richard Meredith-Hardy, British microlight pilot
    • Rob Hardy, film director
    • Robert Hardy (1925–2017), English actor
    • Robert Hardy, bassist with Franz Ferdinand
    • Robert Maynard Hardy, Anglican bishop
    • Robin Hardy (American writer), an American novelist
    • Robin Hardy (Canadian writer), a Canadian novelist and journalist
    • Robin Hardy (film director) (1929–2016), British film director
    • Roger Hardy, Canadian Internet entrepreneur
    • Romain Hardy
    • Ron Hardy, American DJ
    • Ronald Hardy, English novelist
    • Rufus Hardy (representative) (1855–1943), member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas
    • Rufus K. Hardy (1878–1945), leader and missionary in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


    • Sam Hardy, English football goalkeeper
    • Samuel Hardy, American lawyer and politician
    • Sarah Frances Hardy, American author and artist
    • Solomon Hardy, English cricketer
    • Stan Hardy, English footballer and manager
    • Stephanie Hardy, Canadian singer-songwriter


    • Temple Hardy, British naval officer
    • Terry Hardy, American-football player
    • Theodore Bayley Hardy, British Army chaplain
    • Thomas Duffus Hardy, English antiquary
    • Thomas Hardy (English painter)
    • Thomas Hardy (political reformer) (1752–1832)
    • Sir Thomas Hardy, 1st Baronet (1769–1839), British naval officer and Nelson's flag-captain at Trafalgar
    • Thomas Hardy (winemaker) (1830 – 1912), "Father of the South Australian Wine Industry"
    • Thomas Hardy (1840–1928), English novelist and poet
    • Thomas Lionel Hardy (1887–1969), English physician
    • Todd Hardy, Canadian politician
    • Tom Hardy (designer) (born 1946), American design strategist
    • Tom Hardy (born 1977), English stage, film and television actor
    • Trevor Hardy, convicted murderer


    • Warren Hardy, Nevada state senator
    • W. G. Hardy, Canadian professor, writer and ice hockey administrator
    • Wilfred Hardy, British artist and illustrator
    • William Bate Hardy, British biologist
    • William H. Hardy, American founder of Hattiesburg
    • William Le Hardy, English Archivist
    • Willie Hardy, American politician and activist

    Fictional characters

    • Alec Hardy, character in the ITV television programme Broadchurch, played by David Tennant
    • Andy Hardy, character in films, played by Mickey Rooney
    • Frank Hardy, character in the Hardy Boys novels
    • Gladys Hardy, character in The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    • Jemma Hardy, character in Ian Irvine's novel The Last Albatross
    • Joe Hardy, character in the Hardy Boys novels
    • Lewis Hardy, character in the ITV television programme The Bill
    • Ryan Hardy, character in The Following
    • Steiner Hardy, character from the anime Gundam 0080
    • Anti-heroes created by Marvel Comics :
      • Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat)
      • Felicity Hardy (The Scarlet Spider)
      • Walter Hardy or John Hardesky (The Cat)
    • On the ABC soap opera, General Hospital :
      • Audrey March Hardy
      • Simone Ravelle Hardy
      • Steve Hardy
      • Tommy Hardy
      • Tom Hardy
      • Tommy Hardy

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    • Hardee (surname)
    • Hardie
    • Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, American anthropologist and primatologist
    • Robert Barcia

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