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  Shubin ( ), or Shubina (feminine; Шубина), is a Russian-language surname. It derived from the Russian word шуба shuba meaning fur coat.
People with the surname Shubin include:
  • Alexander Shubin (b. 1983), Russian figure skater
  • Fedot Shubin (1740–1805), Russian sculptor
  • Joel Shubin, Russian-American writer
  • Kirill Shubin (born 2003), Russian chess master
  • Lester Shubin (1925–2009), American inventor
  • Lyudmila Shubina, Soviet handball player
  • Mikhail Shubin (mathematician) (born 1944), Russian-American mathematician
  • Mikhail Shubin (triathlete) (born 1988), Russian triathlete
  • Murray J. Shubin (1917–1956), American flying ace during World War II
  • Neil Shubin, American biologist and science writer
  • Nikolay Shubin (born 1956), Georgian-born Russian serial killer
  • Steve Shubin (), Founder & CEO of Interactive Life Forms An Adult sex toy Company
  • Tatiana Shubin, Soviet-American mathematician
People with the surname Shubina include:
  • Ekaterina Shubina, Canoer at the 2006 Asian Games
  • Galina Shubina (1902–1980), Russian poster and graphics artist
  • Lyudmila Shubina, Soviet-Azerbaijani handball player
  • Mariya Shubina, Soviet sprint canoer

See also

  • Shubin (ghost), mythological Ukrainian spirit or ghost found in mines
  • Zhang Shubin, retired Chinese figure skater

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