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Waddington (surname)

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  Waddington is a surname, and may refer to
  • Abe Waddington (1893–1959), English cricketer
  • Alfred Waddington (1801–72), colonial entrepreneur in British Columbia, Canada
  • Andrucha Waddington (born 1970), Brazilian film director
  • Bill Waddington (1916–2000), British actor
  • Charles Waddington (disambiguation), various people of this name:
    • Charles Waddington (East India Company officer) (1796–1858), major-general Bombay engineers
    • Charles Waddington (philosopher) (1819–1914), French philosopher and writer
  • Conrad Hal Waddington (1905–75), British biologist who developed the theory of epigenetics
  • Charlotte Mary Waddington (1907–2002), British journalist wrote as Mary Stott
  • David Waddington (Essex) ( ), Member of Parliament (MP) for Maldon 1847–52 and for Harwich 1852–56
  • David Waddington, Baron Waddington (1929–2017), English Conservative Party politician, Home Secretary 1989–90
  • Edward Waddington (1670 or 1671 – 1731), bishop of Chichester, England
  • George Waddington (1793–1869), English traveller and church historian
  • John Waddington (disambiguation), various people of this name:
    • John Waddington (cleric) (1810–80), English congregational cleric
    • John Waddington (cricketer, born 1918) (1918–85), South African cricketer
    • John Waddington (footballer) (born 1938), Australian rules footballer
    • John Waddington Limited, card and board game company named for one of its founders
  • Mary Alsop King Waddington (1833–1923), American author
  • Michael Waddington (born 1974), American military criminal defense attorney
  • Miriam Waddington (1917–2004), Canadian poet
  • Patricia Waddington (Fothergill, previously Ambler), Scottish roboticist
  • Patrick Waddington (1903–87), British actor
  • Paul Waddington (1893 - ?), World War I flying ace
  • Tad Waddington (born 1962), American author and statistician
  • Sheila Waddington (née Sheila Willcox; b. 1937), the first woman equestrian in the UK to achieve international success
  • Steve Waddington, an English footballer
  • Steven Waddington, an English film and television actor
  • Sue Waddington (born 1944), British politician
  • William of Waddington (fl. 13th c), Anglo-Norman writer
  • William Henry Waddington (1826–94), Prime Minister of France

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  • Waddington (disambiguation), for other uses
  • Waddingtons, card and board game company named for one of its founders
  • Wadding (surname)

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