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Moretti may refer to:


  • Alessandra Moretti (born 1973), Italian politician
  • Alfonso Moretti aka “The Angry Trainer” (born 1973), American born personal trainer and physical fitness expert
  • Amalia Moretti (1872–1947), Italian physician and journalist
  • Amy Schwartz Moretti, American violinist
  • Andrea Moretti (born 1972), former Italian rugby union player
  • Bob Moretti (1936–1984), Californian politician
  • Bruno Moretti (born 1957), Italian composer and frequent collaborator with choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti
  • Bruno Moretti (Paralympian), Australian Paralympian
  • Cristina Favre-Moretti (born 1963), Swiss ski mountaineer, long-distance runner and mountain biker
  • Christopher Moretti (born 1986), Italian Grand Prix motorcycle racer
  • Cristoforo Moretti, Lombard painter of the quattrocento
  • David Moretti (born 1981), American actor
  • Davide Moretti (born 1998), Italian basketball player; son of Paolo Moretti
  • Elena Moretti (born 1987), Italian judoka
  • Emiliano Moretti (born 1981), Italian footballer
  • Enrico Moretti, Italian-born American economist
  • Éric Dupond-Moretti (born 1961), French criminal defence lawyer
  • Fabrizio Moretti (art dealer) (born 1976), Italian art dealer
  • Fabrizio Moretti (born 1980), Brazilian-born drummer in American band The Strokes
  • Filomena Moretti (born 1973), Italian classical guitarist
  • Francesco Saverio Moretti (1800–1866), Italian painter active in the Marche region
  • Franco Moretti (born 1950), Italian literary scholar
  • Frank Moretti (1943–2013), professor at Columbia University
  • Giampiero Moretti (1940–2012), Italian racing driver
  • Giangiacomo Moretti (born 1843), Croatian-born Italian painter, mainly of genre subjects
  • Giovanni Moretti (footballer) (1909–1971), Italian professional forward football player
  • Giuseppe Moretti (botanist) (1782–1853), Italian botanist
  • Giovanni Moretti (bishop) (1923–2018), Apostolic Pro-Nuncio of Thailand; Apostolic Delegate to Malaysia, Singapore, Laos
  • Giovanni Moretti (composer) (1807–1884), Italian composer and conductor active in Naples
  • Giuseppe Moretti (1857–1935), Italian sculptor
  • Hector Moretti (born 1973), former professional tennis player from Argentina
  • Hans Moretti (1928–2013), Ukrainian illusionist and escapologist
  • Isabelle Moretti (born 1964), French harpist
  • Isabella Crettenand-Moretti, née Moretti (born 1963), Swiss ski mountaineer, long-distance and mountain runner
  • Joe Moretti (1938–2012), Scottish guitarist
  • Joseph Moretti (died 1793), Italianòborn-German architect
  • Isabella Crettenand-Moretti (born 1963), Swiss ski mountaineer, marathon mountain biker, long-distance and mountain runner
  • Kennedy Moretti (born 1966), Brazilian pianist and music professor
  • Lisa Mary Moretti, (born 1961), American wrestler, known as "Ivory"
  • Luigi Moretti (archbishop) (born 1949), Italian Roman Catholic Archbishop of Salerno-Campagna-Acerno from 2010 to 2019
  • Luigi Moretti (1907–1973), Italian architect
  • Marino Moretti (1885–1979), Italian poet and author
  • Mario Moretti (born 1946), Italian terrorist
  • Mario Moretti (rower) (1906–1977), Italian rower
  • Mario Moretti Polegato (born 1952), Italian entrepreneur, founder of Geox company
  • Mauro Moretti (born 1953), Italian executive and former CEO and General Manager of Leonardo S.p.A.
  • Michèle Moretti (born 1940), French actress
  • Nanni Moretti (born 1953), Italian film director, producer and actor
  • Paolo Moretti (born 1970), Italian basketball player and coach; father of Davide Moretti
  • Pasqualino Moretti (born 1947), former Italian cyclist
  • Raoul Moretti (born 1933), a French composer of film scores
  • Riccardo Moretti (born 1985), Italian motorcycle racer
  • Riccardo Moretti (rower) (born 1967), Italian rower
  • Stefano Moretti, Italian musician, singer and teacher of music
  • Tito Moretti (1840–1913), Italian painter and manuscript illuminator
  • Tobias Moretti (born 1959), Austrian actor
  • Willie Moretti (1894–1951), Italian-American mafia underboss


  • Junk Moretti, a character in One Tree Hill
  • Kevin Moretti, a character on the television series E.R.
  • Melanie Moretti, Valerie Bertinelli's character on Hot in Cleveland
  • Tony Moretti, a character in the Nine Network's 2008 action drama series The Strip, played by Bob Morley
  • Victoria "Vic" Moretti, a character in the Longmire novels and television series

Brands and enterprises

  • Birra Moretti, Italian beer brand owned by Heineken International
    • Birra Moretti Cup, football tournament
  • Moretti glass, another term for what is now called Effetre glass
  • Moretti Motor Company, defunct Italian automobile maker
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