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Carrog railway station

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Carrog railway station in Denbighshire, Wales, was formerly a station on the Ruabon to Barmouth line. A camping coach was positioned here by the Western Region from 1956 to 1962. It was to have closed to passengers on Monday 18 January 1965 but closed prematurely on 14 December 1964 due to flood damage. It was reopened in 1996 as part of the preserved Llangollen Railway. It is a passing place on the single line and has a signal box.
According to the Official Handbook of Stations the following classes of traffic were being handled at this station in 1956: G, P, F, L, H, C but there was no crane.1956, Official Handbook of Stations, British Transport Commission
It is again an intermediate station on the preserved line with the completion of the extension to , in October 2014. However, due to engineering works relating to the reopening of , Carrog is once again the terminus of the line until 1 October 2019.


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