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Førde Fjord

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Førde Fjord ( ) is a fjord in Vestland county, Norway. It is the longest of all the fjords in the traditional district of Sunnfjord. Førdefjorden passes through the municipalities of Sunnfjord, Askvoll, and Kinn. The fjord begins at the town of Førde, at the estuary of the river Jølstra, which comes from the lake Jølstravatn. The island of Svanøya lies just outside the mouth of Førdefjorden. There are roads along the shoreline on both the north and south sides of the fjord, and the European route E39 highway runs past the town of Førde, near Førdefjorden.


Nordic Mining have applied to deposit 6m tonnes of tailings a year for 50 years into the Fjord, prompting much opposition.


The following settlements are located along the Førdefjorden:
  • Stavang (in Flora municipality), on the north side, at the mouth of the fjord
  • Kvammen (in Askvoll municipality), on the south side, near the mouth of the fjord
  • Indrevevring (in Naustdal municipality), on the north side, a little ways into the fjord
  • Helle (in Naustdal municipality), on the north side, about the middle of the fjord
  • Naustdal (the administrative centre of Naustdal municipality), on the north side, near the inner part of the fjord
  • Førde (the adm. centre of Førde municipality), at the innermost part of the fjord

Media gallery

File:Askvoll gjelsvik.jpgGjelsvik by Førdefjorden
File:Førdefjorden - August 2.JPGView of Førdefjorden towards southwest
File:Førdefjorden - August.JPGView of Førdefjorden towards southeast
File:Sunset's arrived at Flensburger Förde (Fjord) - panoramio.jpgSunset at Flensburger on Førdefjorden

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