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Vaala is a municipality in Finland. It is located in the North Ostrobothnia region. Established in 1954 (predecessor municipality Säräisniemi, established in 1867), the municipality has a population of {{formatnum: ({{#time: j F Y ) and covers an area of {{convert km2 of which {{convert km2abbr=on is water. The population density is {{convert PD/km2. Previously Vaala was part of the Kainuu region but was transferred to Northern Ostrobothnia on 1 January 2016.
Oulujärvi, the fourth largest lake of Finland is located partly in Vaala.
The municipality is unilingually Finnish.
Vaala is also an old Finnish word, which means the phase in a river just before rapids.


  • Anne Huotari (born 1959)
  • Tytti Seppänen (born 1980)

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  • Municipality of Vaala – Official website

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