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Gallery Project

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In this page talks about ( Gallery Project ) It was sent to us on 05/08/2021 and was presented on 05/08/2021 and the last update on this page on 05/08/2021

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Gallery or Menalto Gallery is an open-source project enabling management and publication of digital photographs and other media through a PHP-enabled web server. Photo manipulation includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, and flipping, among other things. Albums can be organized hierarchically and individually controlled by administrators or privileged users.Gallery3:About Retrieved on November 29, 2010.
Gallery 3 is the current release of Gallery. It is a complete rewrite of Gallery 2 attempting to be small, intuitive, fast, and easily customizable. Gallery 3.0 was released on October 5, 2010.Gallery 3.0 is ready! Retrieved on November 29, 2010.
Gallery 2 was publicly released on September 13, 2005.Gallery 2.0 Released! Retrieved on November 29, 2010. Gallery 2.3.1 was a minor release, primarily for supporting PHP 5.3 and was released on Dec 17, 2009. Gallery 2.3.1 (Skidoo) Released Retrieved on November 29, 2010. Development of Gallery 2.x has ceased.
Gallery 1 was released in April 2001Official Gallery 1.0 release! Retrieved on November 29, 2010. and was developed for several years, the last release being 1.5.10 on November 21, 2008. Gallery 1.5.10 and 1.6-RC3 Released - Last G1 Releases from us! Retrieved on November 29, 2010. Development of further Gallery 1.x versions might continue in project Gallery, a fork of Gallery 1.6, but does not seem to be under active development.
Gallery has also released a "Gallery Virtual Appliance", which allows users to test the current versions of both Gallery 1 and Gallery in a VMWare installation.
Gallery participated in the Google Summer of Code in 2006,2006 Google Summer of Code Wrap Up Retrieved on November 29, 2010. 2007, 2007 Google Summer of Code Wrap Up Retrieved on November 29, 2010. and 2008. 2008 Google Summer of Code Projects Retrieved on November 29, 2010. Gallery also participated in OpenUsability's Season of Usability in 2008 Gallery2:Season of Usability 2008 Retrieved on November 29, 2010. and 2009. Gallery3:Season of Usability 2009 Retrieved on November 29, 2010.
In 2003, Gallery was SourceForge's October Project of the Month.Project of the Month, October 2003 Retrieved on November 29, 2010.
Originally developed using CVS, Gallery switched to SourceForge's Subversion Service on April 27, 2006Gallery moves to Subversion Retrieved on November 29, 2010. and Gallery 3 has been developed entirely using Git on GitHub. Gallery switches to Git and GitHub Retrieved on November 29, 2010.


Gallery 3 Requires:Gallery3:Requirements Retrieved on November 29, 2010.
  • Apache version 2.2 or greater
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • PHP version 5.2.3 or greater


In 2010, Gallery announced the use of some proprietary Adobe tools to build some components of Gallery 3 in Adobe Flash. Several users expressed great concern that proprietary software was being used in an open-source project and that Flash components were being included in an open-source package. A rebuttal to the controversy included a disclosure that Adobe Flash objects had previously been used for file uploading functionality in Gallery only seemed to further ignite the controversy.Thanks Adobe! Retrieved on November 29, 2010.

Inactivity & Revival

In June 2014 the developers of Gallery announced that they would not continue the development. According to the announcement most developers had lost interest in the project. The GPL license allows everyone to take up development and create forks of Gallery based on the existing code. The 13 November 2019, the website posts an announcement that the project keep progressing on a fork.{{cite weburl= development is continuing! Galleryaccess-date=October 23,

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Further reading

  • O'Reilly Linux Multimedia Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming Images, Audio, and Video, by Kyle Rankin. .Google Books
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