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Dunn (surname)

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The surname Dunn has several different origins. In some cases it is an Anglicised form of the Irish surname Ó Duinn, meaning "grandson of Donn"; the Gaelic Donn was originally a byname, meaning "brown-haired" or "chieftain". Another origin of the surname Dunn is from the Middle English dunn, meaning "dark-coloured"; this name originated as a nickname for one with dark hair or skin. Another origin is from a habitative name, derived from Dun in Angus, Scotland; this place name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic dùn, meaning "fort". Another origin is from the Gaelic donn, meaning "brown". , which cited: , for the surname "Dunn". __NOTOC__

People with this surname


  • Aaron Dunn (1851), Canadian pioneer
  • Adam Dunn, US baseball player
  • Alexander Roberts Dunn (1833–1868), Canadian awarded the Victoria Cross
  • Alexander Dunn (badminton) (born 1998), Scottish badminton player
  • Andrew Dunn, several people
  • Anita Dunn, American political strategist
  • Anne Dunn, British artist, daughter of James Hamet Dunn
  • April Dunn (1986-2020), American disability rights activist
  • Aubrey Dunn, Sr., New Mexico Senator, 1964
  • Aura K. Dunn, US politician


  • Barrie Dunn, Canadian actor, lawyer, film and television producer
  • Ben Dunn, US comic book artist
  • Bill Newton Dunn, British politician
  • Billy Dunn (footballer, born 1865) (1865–1921), Scottish footballer with Stoke and other clubs
  • Billy Dunn (footballer, born 1910) (1910–1980), Scottish footballer with Celtic, Brentford, Southampton
  • Billy Dunn (footballer, born 1920) (1920–1982), English footballer with Darlington
  • Bob Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
* Bob Dunn (cartoonist) (1908–1989), American cartoonist
* Bob Dunn (musician) (1908–1971), pioneer Western swing musician
* Bob Dunn (politician) (1946–2003), British Conservative Party MP for Dartford, 1979–1997
* Bobby Dunn (1890–1937), comic actor
  • Brandon Dunn, American football player
  • Bud Dunn, American horse trainer


  • Carola Dunn, British-US crime writer
  • Casey Dunn (American football), American football player
  • Charles Dunn, US politician
  • Christopher Dunn (author), British author
  • Clive Dunn, British actor
  • Colton Dunn, American comedian, actor, writer and producer
  • Crystal Dunn (born 1992), American soccer player


  • Danny Dunn, fictitious character of Raymond Abrashkin and Jay Williams
  • David Dunn, British football player
  • Dick Dunn (boxer) (1908–2001), New Zealand boxing coach
  • Dick Dunn (rugby league) (1920–2006), Australian rugby player
  • Donald "Duck" Dunn, bass player
  • Douglas Dunn, British poet


  • Ed Dunn of Dunn Bros, American coffeehouse franchise company founded 1987
  • Eddie Dunn (1915–1980), American football coach
  • Eddie Dunn (actor) (1896–1951), American actor
  • Eddie Dunn (rugby union) (born 1955), New Zealand rugby player
  • Edward Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
* Edward John Dunn, Australian geologist
* Edward Wilkes Dunn, US actor
* Albert Edward Dunn (1864–1937), British Liberal Party politician
* Edward Dunn (politician) (1880–1945), British Labour Party politician
* Edward John Dunn (1844–1937), Australian geologist
* Edward T. Dunn (1920–2016), American football player and coach
* Edward Dunn (bishop) (1868–1955), Anglican bishop who moved to Belize
  • Edwina Dunn, fictive character from EastEnders
  • Elaine Dunn, American singer, dancer, and actress.
  • Emmett Reid Dunn (1894–1956), US zoologist


  • Fayette S. Dunn (1903–1979), Otis Elevator
  • Francis J. Dunn, US politician
  • Francis John Dunn, (1922–1989) Auxiliary Bishop of Dubuque
  • Frank Dunn, former Nortel C.E.O.
  • Frank K. Dunn (1854–1940), American jurist
  • Frederick Grant Dunn (1905–1959), American criminal
  • Frederic Stanley Dunn (1872–1937), American scholar of classical studies and Ku Klux Klan leader
  • Frederick Sherwood Dunn (1893–1962), American scholar of international law and international relations


  • Gary Dunn (born 1964), American architect
  • Geoff Dunn, drummer
  • Gertrude Dunn (1932–2004), American baseball player


  • Harry "Cherries" Dunn, US Irish gangster, brother of John "Pudgy" Dunn
  • Harvey Dunn, US artist
  • Hedley Allen Dunn (1865–1942), South Australian architect
  • Herbert O. Dunn, US admiral
  • Holly Dunn, US country music singer
  • Hugh Alexander Dunn, Australian diplomat


  • Ian Dunn (1943-1998), Scottish gay rights and paedophile rights campaigner
  • Ian Dunn (born 1960), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Irina Dunn (born Patricia Irene Dunn 1948), Australian writer/politician


  • Jack Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
  • *Jack Dunn (baseball) (1872–1928), minor league baseball owner and manager
    *Jack Dunn (footballer, born 1994), English football player
    *Jack Dunn (soccer), American soccer player
    *Jack Dunn (figure skater) (1917–1938), British figure skater
  • John Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
  • *John Dunn (1820–1860), British Conservative politician
    *John Dunn (cricketer) (1862–1892), English cricketer
    *John Dunn (footballer, born 1888) (1888–1968), English football inside right
    *John Dunn (footballer, born 1944), English footballer for Aston Villa and Charlton Athletic
    *John Dunn (American football), American football coach and former player
    *John Dunn (Australian rules footballer)
    *John Dunn (bushranger) (1846–1866), Australian bush ranger
    *John Dunn (explorer) (born 1954), explorer of the Canadian Arctic
    *John Dunn (miller) (1802–1894), flour miller, parliamentarian, and philanthropist in South Australia
    *John Dunn (pipemaker) (c. 1764–1820), inventor of keyed Northumbrian smallpipes

    *John Dunn (political theorist) (born 1940), professor of political theory at the University of Cambridge
    *John Dunn (radio presenter) (1934–2004), BBC Radio 2 DJ
    *John Dunn (rower), American rower at the 1976 World Rowing Championships
    *John Dunn (university president) (born 1945), president of Western Michigan University
    *John Dunn (violinist) (1866–1940), English violinist
    *John Dunn Jr. (1830–1892), South Australian politician
    *John Dunn Jr. (assemblyman) (1827–?), American politician

    *John Ainsworth Dunn (1831–1915), furniture manufacturer in Massachusetts
    *John Asher Dunn, American linguist
    *John F. Dunn (born 1943), American musician and art software developer
    *John Freeman Dunn (1874–1954), English banker and stockbroker, barrister and Liberal Party politician

    *John Henry Dunn (1792–1854), businessman and political figure in Canada West
    *John Joseph Dunn (1870–1933), American prelate of the Catholic Church
    *John M. Dunn (1910–1949), American mobster, executed in 1949
    *John Millard Dunn (1865–1936), organist and choirmaster
    *John "Pudgy" Dunn (1896–1937), St. Louis gangster
    *John Robert Dunn (1833–1895), Scottish settler in South Africa
    *John T. Dunn (1838–1907), US Representative from New Jersey
    *John Thomas Dunn (chemist), English chemist

    *John W. Dunn (architect), American architect
    *John W. Dunn (animator) (1919–1983), cartoon writer for DePatie-Freleng and Looney Tunes
    *John Woodham Dunn (1812–1883), Anglican vicar of Warkworth, Northumberland
    *Johnny Dunn (1897–1937), American jazz trumpeter
    *Johnny Dunn (footballer) (1881–1947), Australian rules footballer for Collingwood
    *Jon Dunn (born 1981), American football player
    *Jon Michael Dunn (born 1941), American educator
    *Jon Dunn (musician), American musician
    • James Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
      • James Dunn (actor), US actor
      • James Dunn (theologian), Professor of Divinity at the University of Durham
      • Jim Dunn (baseball owner), baseball executive
      • James Hamet Dunn, Canadian industrialist
    • Jamie Dunn, Australian comedian
    • Jancee Dunn, US journalist
    • Jason Dunn (disambiguation)
    • Jean Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
      • Jean Dunn (diplomat), Australian diplomat
      • Jean Dunn (cyclist), British track cyclist
    • Jennifer Dunn (politician), US politician
    • Jody Dunn, British politician
    • John Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
      • John Churchill Dunn, British radio personality
      • John "Pudgy" Dunn, US Irish Gangster, brother of Harry "Cherries" Dunn
      • John Dunn, British political theorist
      • John M. Dunn "Cockeye" Dunn, US Irish Gangster
      • John T. Dunn, US Irish Politician
      • John Robert Dunn (1834–1895), South African pioneer
      • John Asher Dunn, US linguist
      • John W. Dunn (animator), Scottish animator
      • John W. Dunn (architect), US architect
    • Jourdan Dunn, supermodel
    • Julian Dunn (born 2000), Canadian soccer player


    • Katherine Dunn (1945–2016), American writer
    • Kasey Dunn (born 1969) American football coach
    • Kevin Dunn (born 1956), American actor
    • Kris Dunn (born 1994), American basketball player
    • Kyle Bobby Dunn (born 1986), Canadian composer


    • L. C. Dunn (1893–1974), US developmental biologist
    • Lin Dunn (born 1947) US basketball coach
    • Linwood G. Dunn (1904–1998), US pioneer of visual special effects in motion pictures
    • Lorraine Dunn (1942–2003), Panamanian track and field athlete
    • Loren C. Dunn (1930–2001), American Mormon official
    • Louis Dunn (1908–1979), South African engineer
    • Lydia Dunn, Baroness Dunn (born 1940) Hong Kong born Legislative Councillor, politician, banker


    • Margaret Dunn, Irish piper
    • Marie Prevost (1898–1937), Canadian-American actress born Mary Bickford Dunn
    • Martin J. Dunn (1956-2020), American pawyer and politician
    • Mark Dunn, US author and playwright
    • Mary Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
    *Mary Dunn (author) (1900–1958), British author who created Lady Blanche Addle
    *Mary Dunn (yoga) (1942–2008), American Iyengar yoga instructor
    *Mary Bickford Dunn, the Canadian actress Marie Prevost (1898–1937)
    *Mary Josephine Dunn, the British writer Jo Beverley
    *Mary Maples Dunn (1931–2017), American historian
    • Matthew Dunn, Australian swimmer
    • Matthew Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
    * Matthew Dunn (author) (born 1968), British novelist
    * Matt Dunn (cricketer) (born 1992), English cricketer
    * Matt Dunn (author) (born 1966), British romantic comedy novelist
    * Matt Dunn (soccer) (born 1994), American soccer player
    * Matthew A. Dunn (1886–1942), Democratic member of the US House of Representatives from Pennsylvania

    • Max Dunn (poet), Irish-Australian poet
    • Michael Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
    * Michael Dunn, American singer in the duo Dick and Dee Dee
    * Michael Dunn (actor) (1934–1973), American actor and singer
    * Michael Dunn (art historian) (born 1942), New Zealand writer and art historian
    * Michael Dunn (baseball), US baseball player
    * Michael Dunn (cricketer) (born 1940), former English cricketer
    * Michael Dunn (nutritionist), director of Brigham Young University's Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science
    * Michael Dunn (politician) (born 1859), American politician
    * Michael David Dunn, American murderer convicted of Shooting of Jordan Davis
    * Michael V. Dunn, commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    • Mickey Dunn, character in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "Living Legend"
    • Mike Dunn (baseball) (born 1985), Major League Baseball pitcher
    • Mike Dunn (snooker player) (born 1971), English snooker player
    • Mother Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
      • Francis A. "Mother" Dunn, US football player for the Canton Bulldogs
      • W. T. Dunn Dr. William Thomas "Mother" Dunn, Penn State All-American football player and physician


    • Nathan Dunn, US collector
    • Nell Dunn, British playwright and novelist, daughter of Philip
    • Nora Dunn, US actress


    • Oscar Dunn, US soldier and politician
    • Olive Jean Dunn, US mathematician and statistician
    • Parker F. Dunn (1890–1918), United States World War I Army Medal of Honor recipient
    • Pete Dunn (born 1948), American college baseball coach


    • Ralph Dunn (1900–1968), American actor
    • Ralph A. Dunn (1914–2004), American politician
    • Richard Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
    *Richard B. Dunn, 1998 recipient of the George Ellery Hale Prize
    *Richard Slator Dunn (born 1928), American historian
    *Richard Dunn (actor) (1936–2010), American actor, regular cast member of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

    *Richard Dunn (boxer) (born 1945), English boxer
    *Richard Dunn (footballer) (1919–1985), English footballer
    *Richard Dunn (politician) (1905–1988), American politician from Maine
    *Richard Dunn (television executive) (1943–1998), English television executive and Thames Television CEO from 1985 to 1995
    • Richie Dunn (born 1957), American ice hockey player
    • Robert Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
    * Robert Dunn (biologist), American biologist and writer
    * Robert Dunn (footballer) (born 1979), Scottish footballer
    * Robert Dunn (novelist) (born 1950), American novelist
    * Robert Dunn (surgeon) (1799–1877), British physician
    * Robbie Dunn (born 1960), Australian former soccer player
    * Robbie Dunn (musician) (born 1951), Irish folk singer-songwriter
    * Robert 'Dolly' Dunn (1941–2009), Australian former school-teacher, convicted of child molestation in 2001
    * Robert C. Dunn (1855–1918), American politician
    * Robert F. Dunn (born 1928), American admiral
    * Robert G. Dunn (1923–2017), American politician
    * Robert Ellis Dunn (1928–1996), American postmodern dance pioneer
    * Robert W. Dunn (1895–1977), American political activist and economic researcher
    • Ronnie Dunn, half of the country music duo Brooks & Dunn
    • Ryan Dunn (1977–2011), (aka. Random Hero) member of CKY Crew and alumnus of Jackass, Viva La Bam, and his own Homewrecker


  • Samuel Dunn (disambiguation), several people including:
  • *Sam Dunn (born 1974), Canadian musician and film maker
    *Sam Dunn (rugby league), rugby league player
    *Samuel Orace Dunn (1877–1958), American transportation specialist
    *Samuel Dunn (minister) (1798–1882), Free Church Methodist minister and religious journalist
    *Samuel Dunn (mathematician) (died 1794), English mathematician

    • Sarah Jayne Dunn, British actress
    • Scott Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
    *Scott Dunn (baseball) (born 1978), Major League Baseball pitcher
    *Scott Dunn (tour operator), a luxury tour operator
    *Scott Dunn (speedway rider) from Grasstrack
    *Roger "Scott" Dunn, 1991 murder victim featured in Forensic Files

    *Scott Dunn, serial killer in the TV series Castle

    • Sheila Dunn, British actress
    • Stephen Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
      • Stephen Dunn, US poet
      • Stephen Dunn (sound engineer) (1894–1980), American sound engineer, Academy Award winner
      • Stephen Porter Dunn, US anthropologist
      • Stephen Troyte Dunn, British botanist
    • Steve Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
      • Steve Dunn (baseball 1990s), US baseball player
      • Steve Dunn (1880s first baseman), Canadian baseball player
      • Steve Dunn (referee) (born 1957), English football referee
    • Steven Dunn, alias of US wrestler Steve Doll
    • Susan Dunn, US opera soprano
    • Suzannah Dunn, historical fiction author


    • Teala Dunn American actress and YouTuber
    • Teddy Dunn (born 1980 as Edward Wilkes Dunn), Australian-born American stage, television and film actor
    • Terry Dunn (born 1953), men's basketball coach at Dartmouth College
    • Thelma Brumfield Dunn (1900–1992), medical researcher
    • Thomas Dunn (disambiguation)
    *Thomas Dunn (lieutenant-governor), Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada
    *Thomas Dunn (musician) (born 1925), US musician
    *Thomas B. Dunn (1853–1924), Congressman from NY
    • Tim Dunn (born 1955), American businessman
    • Todd Dunn (born 1970), American baseball player
    • Trevor Dunn (born 1968), US jazz/rock composer and bassist
    • Troy Dunn, US TV Personality


  • Vince Dunn (born 1996), Canadian ice hockey player with NHL
  • W

    • Warrick Dunn, US football player
    • Wendell E. Dunn, Jr., US chemist and inventor
    • William Dunn (disambiguation), several people, including:
    * Sir William Dunn, 1st Baronet, of Lakenheath (1833–1912), banker and Liberal MP for Paisley
    * Sir William Dunn, 1st Baronet, of Clitheroe (1856–1926), British Conservative politician
    * Sir William Dunn Professor of Biochemistry, chair at the University of Cambridge (created 1914)

    * William Dunn (bobsleigh) (born 1949), Canadian Olympic bobsledder
    * William Dunn (footballer, born 1877) (1877–?), English footballer, played for Manchester United
    * William Dunn (industrialist) (1770–1849), Scottish agriculturist, mechanic, and mill owner
    * William Dunn (Medal of Honor) (1834–1902), American Civil War sailor
    * William Dunn (Northern Mariana Island footballer), c. 2012
    * William Dunn (physician) (c. 1550–1607), president of Royal College of Physicians, see Lumleian Lectures
    * William Dunn (South Australian politician) (1841–1891)
    * William Arthur Dunn (1875–1947), Methodist clergyman in South Australia
    * William E. Dunn (born 1926), mayor of Murray, Utah
    * William Ellsworth Dunn (1861–1925), city attorney of Los Angeles, California
    * William M. Dunn (1814–1887), US Representative from Indiana
    * William Thomas Dunn (1881–1962), American football player for Penn State
    * William N. Dunn, American professor of international relations at University of Pittsburgh
    * William R. Dunn (1916–1995), American World War II fighter pilot
    * Willie Dunn (1942–2013), Canadian singer-songwriter, film director, and politician
    * Willie Dunn Sr. (1821–1878), Scottish golfer
  • Winfield Dunn, governor of Tennessee

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