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  Voloshin, Woloshin, Voloshyn or Woloshyn (Cyrillic: Волошин) is a Slavic masculine surname meaning "Romanian" (from the dated exonym Vlach); its feminine forms are Voloshina, Woloshina, Voloshyna or Woloshyna . A similar surname is Volokh.
Notable people with the surname include:
  • Aleksandr Voloshin (born 1956), Russian politician and businessman
  • Alexey Voloshin (born 1996), Kazakh cyclist
  • Avgustyn Voloshyn (1874–1945), politician, teacher, and essayist
  • Bruce Woloshyn (born 1964), American digital effects artist and supervisor
  • Dmytro Voloshyn (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Illya Woloshyn, Canadian actor
  • Leonid Voloshin (born 1966), Russian triple jumper
  • Maximilian Voloshin (1877–1932), Ukrainian-born Russianpoet
  • Mikhail Voloshin (1953–2020), Russian-American theoretical physicist
  • Oleg Voloshyn (born 1981), Russian-Ukrainian journalist
  • Sergei Voloshin (born 1953), Russian-American experimental high-energy nuclear physicist
  • Stan Woloshyn (born 1939), Canadian politician and member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta
  • Ted Woloshyn (born 1953), Canadian broadcaster
  • Vera Voloshina (1919–1941), Russian partisan
    • 2009 Voloshina, main-belt asteroid named after Vera
  • Vyacheslav Voloshin (born 1952), Ukrainian scientist

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