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Bobby Brown (disambiguation)

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  Bobby Brown (born 1969) is an American R&B singer.
Bobby, Bobbie or Bobbi Brown may also refer to:



  • Bobbie Brown (born 1969), American actress, model, and Miss Louisiana Teen USA 1987
  • Bobbi Kristina Brown (1993–2015), American media personality and daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
  • Millie Bobby Brown (born 2004), English actress and model


Association football

  • Bobby Brown (footballer, born 1923) (1923–2020), Scottish goalkeeper and manager
  • Bobby Brown (footballer, born 1931) (1931–2019), Scottish full back
  • Bobby Brown (footballer, born 1940), English centre forward in the 1960s with Northampton and Cardiff
  • Bobby Brown (footballer, born 1953), English midfielder for Sheffield Wednesday
  • Bobby Brown (footballer, born 1955), Scottish full back, Son of Bobby Brown (footballer, born 1931)

Other sports

  • Bobby Brown (third baseman) (born 1924), American baseball player and executive
  • Bobby Brown (outfielder) (born 1954), American baseball player
  • Bobby Brown (basketball) (born 1984), American basketball player
  • Bobby Brown (freestyle skier) (born 1991), American freeskier
  • Bobby Brown (American football) (born 1977), American football player

Other people

  • Bobbi Brown (born 1957), American makeup artist and author
  • Bobbi Brown, wife of Wyoming U.S. Senator John Barrasso
  • Bobbie E. Brown (1903–1971), World War II Congressional Medal of Honor recipient

Other uses

  • "Bobby Brown" (song), a 1979 song from the Frank Zappa album Sheik Yerbouti
  • Bobby Brown State Park, a Georgia state park near the South Carolina border

See also

  • Bob Brown (disambiguation)
  • Rob Brown (disambiguation)
  • Robbie Brown (born 1990), ice hockey player
  • Robert Brown (disambiguation)
  • Robert Browne (disambiguation)

Brown, Bobby

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