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  Whittaker is a surname of English origin, meaning the white acre, and given name, also spelled "Whitaker" and "Whitacre," and may refer to:


  • Aaron Whittaker, New Zealand rugby player
  • Alison Whittaker, Gomeroi poet from Australia
  • Arnie Whittaker, English footballer
  • Bill Whittaker (footballer), English footballer
  • Bill Whittaker (bowls), New Zealand lawn bowler
  • Bob Whittaker U.S. Congressman
  • Charles Evans Whittaker (1901–1973), associate justice of the U.S. Supreme court from 1957 to 1962
  • Dale Whittaker, (1961), former President of the University of Central Florida
  • David Whittaker (video game composer) (born 1957), computer game programmer
  • Dick Whittaker (1934–1998), Irish footballer
  • E. T. Whittaker (1873–1956), English mathematician
  • Enos Whittaker, English footballer
  • Fozzy Whittaker (born 1989), American football player
  • Frank Whittaker, Indian bishop
  • George Whittaker (Canadian politician) (1919–2013), member of the House of Commons of Canada
  • George Whittaker (rowing) (born 1981), British rower
  • George Byrom Whittaker (1793–1847), English bookseller and publisher
  • Jace Whittaker (born 1995), American football player
  • Jack Whittaker (Canadian politician), Canadian politician
  • Jack Whittaker (lottery winner) (born 1947), American US$315 million lottery winner
  • James Whittaker, Shaker leader
  • Jim Whittaker (born 1929), American mountaineer, first American to summit Mount Everest (1963), twin brother of Lou
  • Jodie Whittaker (born 1982), English actress
  • John Whittaker (UKIP politician) (born 1945), British member of the European Parliament
  • John Avery Whittaker, fictional character in the Adventures in Odyssey radio series
  • John Macnaughten Whittaker, English mathematician
  • Johnson Chesnut Whittaker, 19th century West Point student and victim of assault
  • Joseph Whittaker (botanist) (1813–1894), English botanist and collector of Australian plants
  • Leon Whittaker, U.S. blues musician
  • Lou Whittaker (born 1929), American mountaineer, high-altitude and glacier-travel guide, twin brother of Jim
  • Maria Whittaker (born 1969), former English glamour model
  • Meredith Whittaker, American artificial intelligence researcher
  • Rebecca Whittaker, Canadian politician
  • Red Whittaker, robot scientist
  • Robert Whittaker (disambiguation)
  • Roger Whittaker (born 1936), Kenyan singer/songwriter and musician of British descent
  • Sally Whittaker (born 1963), British soap opera actress
  • Sammy Whittaker (1888–1952), English footballer
  • Steven Whittaker (born 1984), Scottish footballer
  • Stuart Whittaker (born 1975) English football player
  • Thomas Whittaker (martyr) English Catholic martyr
  • Thomas Palmer Whittaker, British politician
  • Tom Whittaker (footballer) (1898–1956), English football player, trainer, and manager
  • Tom Whittaker (mountaineer) (born 1948), mountaineer, first disabled person to summit Mount Everest
  • Walter Whittaker (1878 - 1917), English football goalkeeper with Newton Heath (Manchester United), Grimsby Town, Blackburn Rovers and Derby County
  • Victor P. Whittaker (born 1919) a British biochemist who pioneered the studies on the subcellular fractionation of the brain
  • William G. Whittaker (1876–1944), English composer, pedagogue, conductor, musicologist, Bach scholar, publisher and writer

Given name

  • Whittaker Chambers (1901–1961), American writer, witness in Alger Hiss espionage case
  • In the UK surname is well represented in Lanarkshire, Derbyshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire, and in the US, the surname is well represented in Utah, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

    See also

    • Whittaker's, a chocolate and sweets producer
    • Whittaker's sundew, a carnivorous plant
    • Whittaker and Watson, a mathematics book, A Course of Modern Analysis
    • Whittaker, Michigan, an unincorporated community in the U.S. state of Michigan
    • Whittaker model and Whittaker function, mathematical spatial principles
    ; Related names:
    • Whitaker (disambiguation)
    • Whitacre (disambiguation)

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