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  Azarov ( ; masculine) or Azarova ( ; feminine) is a Russian surname.Fedosyuk, entry on "Азарин". Variants of this surname include Azarin/Azarina ( / ) and Ozarovsky/Ozarovskaya ( / ). It is derived from the given name Azary.

People with the last name

  • Mykola Azarov (b. 1947), Ukrainian politician, 14th Prime Minister of Ukraine
  • Nadezhda Azarova (b. 1983), Belarusian chess player
  • Sergei Azarov (b. 1983), Belarusian chess player
  • Svitlana Azarova (b. 1976), Ukrainian/Dutch composer of contemporary classical music
  • Tatyana Azarova (b. 1985), Kazakhstani athlete
  • Vasili Azarov, Russian footballer
  • Vladimir Azarov (b. 1994), Russian association football player
  • Yelena Azarova (b. 1973), Russian synchronized swimmer

Fictional characters

  • Shurochka Azarova, cavalry maiden in the 1962 Soviet musical Hussar Ballad
  • Nina Azarova, character from Netflix series The OA


  • Azarova, a village in Boshinsky Rural Administrative Okrug of Karachevsky District in Bryansk Oblast, Russia;
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  • Azarovo, several rural localities in Russia
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  • Ю. А. Федосюк (Yu. A. Fedosyuk). "Русские фамилии: популярный этимологический словарь" (Russian Last Names: a Popular Etymological Dictionary). Москва, 2006.

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