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  Hatoyama (written: 鳩山 lit "dove mountain") is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • The Hatoyama family is a prominent political family. Members include:
    • Kazuo Hatoyama (1856–1911), Vice-Foreign Minister, Diet of Japan, University of Tokyo professor, principal of Waseda University, father of Ichirō Hatoyama and great-grandfather of Yukio Hatoyama and Kunio Hatoyama
    • Haruko Hatoyama, co-founder of Kyoritsu Women's University; mother of Ichirō Hatoyama and great-grandmother of Yukio and Kunio Hatoyama
    • Ichirō Hatoyama (1883–1959), Secretary of the Cabinet, Minister of Education, and Prime Minister of Japan
    • Kaoru Hatoyama, schoolmaster of Kyoritsu Women's University; wife of Ichirō, mother of Iichirō
    • Iichirō Hatoyama (1918–1993), Foreign Minister of Japan, eldest son of Ichirō Hatoyama and father of Yukio Hatoyama and Kunio Hatayama
    • Yasuko Hatoyama (1922–2013), wife of Iichirō, mother of Kazuko, Yukio and Kunio
    • Yukio Hatoyama, former Prime Minister of Japan, former leader of the Democratic Party of Japan, grandson of Ichirō Hatoyama, son of Iichirō Hatoyama and older brother of Kunio
    • Kunio Hatoyama (1948–2016), former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Minister of Education, Labour, and Justice; grandson of Ichiro Hatoyama, son of Iichirō Hatoyama and younger brother of Yukio
    • Emily Hatoyama (born 1955), Japanese writer, actress and model, wife of Kunio Hatoyama

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  • Hatoyama, Saitama (鳩山町; -machi), a town in Japan

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