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Groen or de Groen is a surname of Dutch origin, meaning green.Groen at the Database of Surnames in The Netherlands. The name may refer to:
  • Family de Groen
    • Alma De Groen (born 1941), Australian feminist playwright
    • Annemarie Groen (born 1955), Dutch Olympic swimmer
    • Arnoud van Groen (born 1983), Dutch cyclist
    • Bert Groen (born 1945), Dutch corporate director and politician
    • Dora van der Groen (1927–2015), Belgian actress and theatre director
    • Egbert B. Groen (1915–2012), American (Illinois) politician and lawyer
    • Els de Groen (born 1949), Dutch politician and Member of the European Parliament
    • Frédéric François Groen (1814–1882), Dutch shipbuilder
    • Geoffrey de Groen (born 1938), Australian artist known for his abstract works in oil and acrylics
    • Georgia Groen (fl. 2016), New Zealand barefoot water-skier
    • Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer (1801–1876), Dutch politician and historian
    • (born 1992), Dutch cyclist
    • Jitse Groen (born 1978/1979), Dutch billionaire businessman, founder of
    • Lou Groen (1917–2011), American restaurateur, inventor of the Filet-O-Fish sandwich
    • Marcel Groen (born 1945), Dutch-American Chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party
    • (Anglicized: Peter Green; 1808–1902), Dutch fisherman, "uncrowned king of Tristan da Cunha"
    • Richard de Groen (born 1962), New Zealand cricketer
    • Rob Groen (born 1938), Dutch rower
    • Sander Groen (born 1968), Dutch tennis player
    • Sara Groen (born 1981), Australian actress and television presenter
    • Sven Groen (born 1995), Dutch darts player
    • Tiemen Groen (born 1946), Dutch cyclist

    See also

    • Groen River, river in the Northern Cape province of South Africa
    • GroenLinks, green political party in the Netherlands
    • Groen (political party), green political party in Belgium
    • Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc., American autogyro company founded by David and Jay Groen
      • Products: Groen Hawk 4, Groen ShadowHawk, Groen Sparrowhawk

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