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Gold Bauhinia Star

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In this page talks about ( Gold Bauhinia Star ) It was sent to us on 21/05/2021 and was presented on 21/05/2021 and the last update on this page on 21/05/2021

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The Gold Bauhinia Star ( , GBS) is the highest rank in Order of the Bauhinia Star in Hong Kong, created in 1997 to replace the British honours system of the Order of the British Empire after the transfer of sovereignty to People's Republic of China and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). It is awarded to those who have given distinguished service to the community or rendered public or voluntary services of a very high degree of merit.

List of recipients


  • Mr. WONG Wing-ping, Joseph, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WOO Kwong-ching, Peter, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mrs. FAN HSU Lai-tai, Rita, GBS, JP
  • Mr. John Estmond STRICKLAND, GBS, JP
  • Dr. HU Hung-lick, Henry, GBS, JP
  • Mr. HUI Si-yan, Rafael, GBS, JP(Revoked in 2018 )
  • Mr. Raymond CHOW, GBS
  • The Honourable LAU Wong-fat, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHENG Hon-kwan, GBS, JP
  • Dr. TSE Chi-wai, Daniel, GBS, JP
  • Mr. KWONG Ki-chi, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LO Hong-sui, Vincent, GBS
  • Miss TAM Wai-chu, Maria, GBS, JP


  • The Honourable Mrs. FONG WONG Kut-man, Nellie, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LEE Tung-hai, Leo, GBS, JP
  • Mr. TANG Hsiang-chien, Leo, GBS, JP
  • Mr. SUEN Ming-yeung, Michael, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice John Barry MORTIMER, GBS
  • The Honourable LEUNG Chun-ying, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable LEUNG Kam-chung, Antony, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHAN Cho Chak, John, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WONG Hong-yuen, Peter, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WONG Kin-lap, GBS
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice LIU Tsz-ming, Benjamin, GBS
  • Dr. the Honourable CH'IEN Kuo-fung, Raymond, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. FOK LO Shiu-ching, Katherine, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Noel Plunkett POWER, GBS
  • Mr. KWONG Hon-sang, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable TAM Yiu-chung, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Ian George McCurdy WINGFIELD, GBS, JP


  • The Honourable LEE Yeh-kwong, Charles, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable TANG Ying-yen, Henry, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable CHUNG, Shui-ming, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WONG Shing-wah, Dominic, GBS, OBE, JP
  • Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LAN Hong-tsung, David, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Gerald Paul NAZARETH, GBS, JP
  • Professor LI Kwok-cheung, Arthur, GBS, JP
  • Professor WOO Chia-wei, CBE, GBS, JP,
  • Dr. Hari Naroomal HARILELA, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LEE Hon-chiu, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LEUNG Nai-pang, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHAN Wing-kee, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHAN Yau-hing, Robin, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LAU Wah-sum, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHUNG Chi-yung, GBS
  • Mr. Peter Dennis Antony SUTCH, GBS


  • Miss YUE Chung-yee, Denise, GBS, JP
  • Mr. IP Shu-kwan, Stephen, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable TIEN Pei-chun, James, GBS, JP
  • Dr. the Honourable David LI Kwok-po, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice WONG Kin-chow, Michael, GBS
  • Mr. YAM Chi-kwong, Joseph, GBS, JP
  • Mr. George HO, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Ronald Joseph ARCULLI, GBS, JP
  • Dr. TSUI Tsin-tong, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LEONG Che-hung, Edward, GBS, JP
  • Dr. WONG Kin-hang, Philip, GBS, JP
  • Dr. WU Wai-yung, Raymond, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LIU Lit-man, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LO Chung-wing, Victor, GBS, JP
  • Mr. James Kerr FINDLAY, GBS
  • Mr. HUI Ki-on, GBS
  • Mr. CHENG Kar-shun, Henry, GBS
  • Mr. Martin Gilbert BARROW, GBS
  • Mr. TSE Sze-wing, Edmund, GBS


  • Mr. CHAU Tak-hay, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. YAM KWAN Pui-ying, Lily, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. IP LAU Suk-yee, Regina, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LEE Shing-see, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, Selina, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable TSANG Yok-sing, Jasper, GBS, JP
  • Professor CHANG, Hsin-kang, GBS, JP
  • Professor POON Chung-kwong, GBS, JP
  • Professor TAM Sheung-wai, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice WOO Kwok-hing, GBS
  • Mr. Stuart Wreford HARBINSON, GBS, JP
  • Mr. NG Wing-fui, Nicholas, GBS, JP
  • Mr. HU Fa-kuang, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHAN Sui-kau, GBS, JP
  • Professor YOUNG Tse-tse, Rosie, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHENG Wai-kin, Edgar, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Gordon SIU, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHENG CHANG Yung-tsung, Alice, GBS


  • Mr. TSANG Yam-pui, GBS
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice LEONG Shiu-chung, Arthur, GBS
  • Dr. the Honourable LI Ka-cheung, Eric, GBS, JP
  • Dr. the Honourable WONG Yu-hong, Philip, GBS
  • Professor CHEN Kwan-yiu, Edward, GBS, JP
  • Dr. KUNG Ziang-mien, James, GBS
  • Mrs. LAW FAN Chiu-fun, Fanny, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LAI Nin, Alan, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. LAM PEI Yu-dja, Peggy, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LAM LEE Kiu-yue, Alice Piera, GBS, JP
  • Dr. HUI Chi-ming, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHENG Mo-chi, Moses, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LO Ka-shui, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Michael D. KADOORIE, GBS
  • Dr. HO Hung-sun, Stanley, GBS
  • Mr. YUAN Geng, GBS
  • Mr. Simon Herbert MAYO, GBS
  • Dr. FUNG Kwok-king, Victor, GBS
  • Mr. FUNG Siu-por, Lawrence, GBS
  • Mr. James Edward THOMPSON, GBS


  • The Honourable FOK Tsun-ting, Timothy, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable LAU Kin-yee, Miriam, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable IP Kwok-him, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Haider Hatim Tyebjee BARMA, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHOW Yei-ching, GBS
  • Sir WU Ying-sheung, Gordon, GBS
  • Mr. LEUNG Po-wing, Bowen, GBS, JP
  • Mr. FANG Hung, Kenneth, GBS, JP
  • Mr. David Gordon ELDON, GBS, JP
  • Mr. SZE Cho-cheung, Michael, GBS, JP
  • Mr. YUEN Mo, GBS, JP
  • Dr. Allan ZEMAN, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHOA Wing-sien, George, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHENG Wai-chee, Christopher, GBS, JP
  • Ms. YIP Wai-jane, GBS


  • The Honourable MA Lik, GBS, JP
  • Professor NG Ching-fai, GBS
  • Dr. LUI Che-woo, GBS, JP
  • Dr. YEOH Eng-kiong, GBS, JP
  • Mr. YEUNG Kai-yin, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHENG Hoi-chuen, Vincent, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Eric Charles BARNES, GBS


  • The Honourable Bernard Charnwut CHAN, GBS, JP
  • Ir. LO Yiu-ching, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHAU How-chen, GBS, JP
  • Mr. YU Kwok-chun, GBS, JP
  • Ms. LEE Lai-kuen, Shelley, GBS, JP
  • Dr. MONG Man-wai, William, GBS


  • The Honourable CHEUNG Kin-chung, Matthew, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mrs.LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, Sophie, GBS, SBS, JP
  • The Most Venerable The Honourable KOK Kwong, GBS
  • Mr. HO Sai-chu, GBS, SBS, JP
  • Dr. YU Sun-say, Jose, GBS, SBS, JP
  • Dr. HO Chi-ping, Patrick, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LIAO Sau-tung, Sarah Mary, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LEE Ming-kwai, GBS
  • The Most Reverend KWONG Kong-kit, Peter, GBS


  • The Honourable CHENG Yiu-tong, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable LIAO Cheung-sing, Andrew, GBS, SC, JP
  • Dr. the Honourable CHEUNG Kin-tung, Marvin, GBS, JP
  • Mr. FONG Ching, Eddy, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LAM Chung-lun, Billy, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. LEUNG WONG Bei-fong, Sally, GBS, JP
  • Dr. WONG Chi-yun, Allan, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WU Ting-yuk, Anthony, GBS, JP


  • The Honourable LAM Sui-lung, Stephen, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable LEE Siu-kwong, Ambrose, GBS, IDSM, JP
  • Dr. the Honourable CHOW Yat-ngok, York, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mrs. CHA SHIH May-lung, Laura, GBS, JP
  • Professor the Honourable CHEUNG Bing-leung, Anthony, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable CHEUNG Hok-ming, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Michael STUART-MOORE, GBS
  • Mr. HO Chi-ming, Kevin, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHOI Chee-ming, Francis, GBS, JP
  • Ms. TAI Yuen-ying, Alice, GBS, JP
  • Dr. WU James Tak, GBS
  • Mr. MA Si-hang, Frederick, GBS


  • The Honourable TSANG Tak-sing, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mrs LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, Carrie, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable LEUNG Kwan-yuen, Andrew, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LEE, Kai-ming, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHOW Man-yiu, Paul, GBS, JP
  • Mr. HUI Chun-fui, Victor, GBS, JP
  • Dr. TAI Tak-fung, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. YAU TSANG Ka-lai, Carrie, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHEUNG Chun-yuen, Barry, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHAN Chun-yuen, Thomas, GBS, JP
  • Mr. MAK Chai-kwong, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Albert Jinghan CHENG, GBS, JP


  • The Honourable YAU Tang-wah, Edward, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Eva CHENG, GBS, JP
  • Professor the Honourable LAU Juen-yee, Lawrence, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable WU Hung-yuk, Anna, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable LAM Kin-fung, Jeffrey, GBS, JP
  • Professor TSUI Lap-chee, GBS, JP
  • Ms. TING Yuk-chee, Christina, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHAN Tung, GBS, JP
  • Ms. CHENG Yeuk-wah, Teresa, GBS, SC, JP
  • Miss CHOI Ying-pik, Yvonne, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Anthony Gordon ROGERS, GBS, JP
  • Mr. SO Chak-kwong, Jack, GBS, JP
  • Mr. TANG King-shing, GBS, PDSM
  • Mr. HUI Wing-mau, GBS
  • The Honourable Mrs. Justice Doreen Maria LE PICHON, GBS
  • Mrs. LAU NG Wai-lan, Rita, GBS


  • Professor the Honourable CHAN Ka-keung, Ceajer, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable SO Kam-leung, Gregory, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable TAM Chi-yuen, GBS, JP
  • Dr. TONG Hin-ming, Timothy, GBS
  • Mr. TANG Kwok-bun, Benjamin, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Michael John HARTMANN, GBS
  • Mr. CHAN Tak-lam, Norman, GBS, JP
  • Professor Gabriel M. LEUNG, GBS, JP
  • Professor LAU Siu-kai, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHEN Nan-lok, Philip, GBS, JP
  • Mr. YEUNG Ka-sing, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHUNG Pui-lam, GBS, JP
  • Mr. HO Suen-wai, Francis, GBS, JP
  • Ms. BIRCH LEE Suk-yee, Sandra, GBS, JP
  • Professor Felice LIEH-MAK, GBS, JP
  • Ir. Ronald James BLAKE, GBS, JP


  • The Honourable SHEK Lai-him, Abraham, GBS, JP
  • Mr. NG Sze-fuk, George, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LEE Chung-tak, Joseph, GBS, JP
  • Professor LEE Chack-fan, GBS, JP
  • Professor CHOW Wing-sun, Nelson, GBS, JP
  • Ms. YANG Mun-tak, Marjorie, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LEE Cho-jat, GBS
  • The Honourable Sir Gerard BRENNAN, GBS
  • Ms. CHAN Shuk-leung, GBS


  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Frank STOCK, GBS, JP
  • The Right Honourable the Lord HOFFMANN, GBS
  • Miss AU King-chi, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHAN Chung-bun, Bunny, GBS, JP
  • Ir. Dr. WONG Kwok-keung, GBS, JP
  • Mr. HUNG Chao-hong, Albert, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LAW Chi-kwong, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHOI Koon-shum, Jonathan, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Duncan Warren PESCOD, GBS, JP
  • Mr. YOUNG Lap-moon, Raymond, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WU Moon-hoi, Marco, GBS


  • The Honourable CHOW Chung-kong, GBS, JP
  • The Right Honourable the Lord MILLETT, GBS
  • The Honourable CHEUNG Yu-yan, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WONG Hung-chiu, Raymond, GBS, JP
  • Dr. WONG Ying-wai, Wilfred, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LEE Ka-kit, Peter, GBS, JP
  • Mr. WAI Chi-sing, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LAM Shu-chit, GBS
  • Mr. KAN Fook-yee, GBS
  • Mr. TSANG Wai-hung, GBS, PDSM
  • Mr. KOO Joseph, GBS
  • The Right Honourable the Lord WOOLF, GBS
  • Dr. LAM Kin-ngok, Peter, GBS
  • Mr. CHOI Park-lai, GBS


  • The Honourable LAI Tung-kwok, GBS, IDSM, JP
  • The Honourable WONG Kam-sing, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable CHAN Mo-po, Paul, GBS, MH, JP
  • The Honourable CHAN Kam-lam, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable FANG Kang, Vincent, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr Justice TO Kwai-fung, Anthony, GBS
  • Mr. TUNG Chee-chen, GBS, JP
  • Ms. WONG Sean-yee, Anissa, GBS, JP
  • Mr. YUEN Ming-fai, Richard, GBS, JP
  • Miss TAM Kam-lan, Annie, GBS, JP
  • Ms. KI Man-fung, Leonie, GBS, JP
  • Mr. PANG Yiu-kai, GBS, JP
  • Dr. YEUNG Chun-kam, Charles, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LIU Changle, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LO Man-tuen, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LAM Kwong-siu, GBS
  • Mr. TANG Kwok-wai, Paul, GBS, JP


  • The Honourable NG Hak-kim, Eddie, GBS, JP
  • Dr. the Honourable KO Wing-man, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable CHEUNG Chi-kong, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable YANG Wei-hsiung, Nicholas, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable CHEUNG Wan-ching, Clement, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable SUI Wai-keung, Stephen, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable MA Siu-cheung, Eric, GBS, JP
  • Mr. SUN Tak-kei, David, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable WONG Ting-kwong, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable CHAN Kin-por, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice FUNG Wah, Barnabas, GBS
  • Mr. LAW Chi-kong, Joshua, GBS, JP
  • Mr. SHIU Sin-por, GBS, JP
  • Miss HO Shuk-yee, Susie, GBS, JP
  • Mr. NG Leung-ho, GBS, JP
  • Professor CHOW Chun-kay, Stephen, GBS, JP
  • Mr. MA Ho-fai, GBS, JP
  • Ms. KAO Ching-chi, Sophia, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LAU Ping-cheung, GBS, JP
  • Dr. LI Sau-hung, Eddy, GBS, JP
  • Dr. WONG Yau-kar, David, GBS, JP
  • Mr. LAU Ming-wai, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHUNG Chi-ping, Roy, GBS, JP
  • Mr. IP Sik-on, Simon, GBS, JP
  • Ms. LAM Shuk-yee, GBS


  • The Right Honourable the Lord NEUBERGER of Abbotsbury, GBS
  • Mr. LIN Sun-mo, Willy, GBS, JP
  • Mr. HON Chi-keung, GBS, JP
  • Mr. FONG Yun-wah, Henry, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Thomas Brian STEVENSON, GBS, JP
  • Professor YUEN Kwok-yung, GBS, JP
  • Mr. Charles Nicholas BROOKE, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHENG Wai-sun, Edward, GBS, JP
  • Mr. KUNG Lin-cheng, Leo, GBS, JP
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Michael Victor LUNN, GBS


  • The Honourable LIAO Cheung-kong, Martin, GBS, JP
  • The Right Honourable the Lord WALKER of Gestingthorpe, GBS
  • The Most Reverend Dr. KWONG Paul, GBS
  • Mr. WONG Ho-yuen, Andrew, GBS, JP
  • Mr. YING Yiu-hong, Stanley, GBS, JP
  • Mrs. LAI CHAN Chi-kuen, Marion, GBS, JP
  • Mr. NG Sau-kei, Wilfred, GBS, MH, JP
  • Mr. TONG Carlson, GBS, JP
  • Professor LEONG Chi-yan, John, GBS, JP
  • Dr. CHEN Cheng-jen, Clement, GBS, JP
  • Mr. CHEUK Wing-hing, GBS, JP

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