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Steinberg (surname)

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  Steinberg is a German and Ashkenazi Jewish surname. Notable people with the surname include:


  • Billy Steinberg, American songwriter
  • Elliot Easton (born Elliot Steinberg, 1953), American musician
  • Lewie Steinberg, American bassist in the band Booker T. & the M.G.'s
  • Maximilian Steinberg (1883–1946), Lithuanian-Russian composer
  • Michael Steinberg (music critic) (1928–2009), American music critic and musicologist
  • Michael P. Steinberg, American historian
  • Pinchas Steinberg (born 1945), Israeli conductor
  • Sebastian Steinberg (born 1959), American bassist in the band Soul Coughing
  • Simon Steinberg (1887-1955), Ukrainian composer
  • William Steinberg (1899–1978), German-American conductor
  • Lev Steinberg (1870-1945), Russian conductor and composer
  • Karl Steinberg (1952-), German founder of the musical software company Steinberg


  • David Steinberg (born 1942), Canadian comedian, actor, director, and writer
  • David I. Steinberg, American historian
  • Flo Steinberg, American independent comic book publisher
  • Hans H. Steinberg (born 1950), German actor
  • Jacob Steinberg (1887–1947), Israeli poet
  • Joshua Steinberg (1839–1908), Lithuanian-Russian writer and educator
  • Leo Steinberg (1920–2011), American art historian
  • Michael Steinberg (filmmaker), American film director and producer
  • Morleigh Steinberg (born 1961), American dancer and choreographer
  • Neil Steinberg, American columnist
  • Saul Steinberg (1914–1999), Romanian-American cartoonist
  • Susan Steinberg (author) American author and artist (painter)
  • Susan Steinberg (producer) American television writer/ producer / director


  • Deborah Lynn Steinberg, British sociologist
  • Gerald M. Steinberg, Israeli political scientist
  • Hannah Steinberg (1926–2019), British psychopharmacologist
  • Robert Steinberg, American mathematician
  • Rudolf Steinberg (born 1943), German professor, president of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University
  • Malcolm S. Steinberg (1930–2012), American biologist

Other people

  • Annie Sprinkle (Born Ellen F. Steinberg, 1954), American pornographic actress sex educator and former prostitute
  • Darrell Steinberg (born 1959), Mayor of the city of Sacramento, California
  • Erna Steinberg (1911–2001), German Olympic sprinter
  • Gerry Steinberg (1945–2015), British politician
  • Isaac Nachman Steinberg, (1888–1957) left-revolutionary-politician, lawyer and writer
  • James B. Steinberg, American politician (Deputy Secretary of State)
  • Jerry Steinberg, American founder of social organisations
  • Joel Steinberg (born 1941), American murderer
  • Joseph Steinberg (1883–1932), New York politician
  • Judith Steinberg Dean (born 1953), American physician and former First Lady of Vermont
  • Leigh Steinberg (born 1949), American sports agent
  • Leonard Steinberg, Baron Steinberg (1936–2009), British businessman
  • Mark Steinberg American sports agent (for Tiger Woods)
  • Melvin Steinberg (born 1933), American politician
  • Sam Steinberg (1905–1978), Canadian supermarket magnate
  • Saul Steinberg (business) (1939–2012), American investor

Fictional characters

  • Charlie "Chuck" and Ruth “Ruthie” Steinberg, siblings in the 2019 film Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
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