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  Okada (written: 岡田 literally "hill rice-paddy") is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the name include:
  • , Japanese painter
  • Doris Okada Matsui, American politician of the Democratic Party
  • , Japanese painter in the Edo period
  • , Japanese cyclist
  • Izō Okada, Japanese samurai and assassin
  • John Okada, Japanese-American writer
  • Junichi Okada, Japanese singer and actor
  • Junko Okada, Japanese voice actress
  • Katsuya Okada, former Democratic Party of Japan president and foreign minister of Japan
  • Kazuchika Okada, Japanese professional wrestler
  • Kazuo Okada, Japanese businessman and billionaire, the biggest project of whom is Okada Manilla (see below)
  • Keisuke Okada, 31st Prime Minister of Japan
  • , Japanese photographer
  • Mari Okada, Japanese screenwriter
  • Masaki Okada, Japanese actor
  • Masumi Okada, Japanese-Danish actor
  • Mokichi Okada, founder of the Church of World Messianity
  • , Japanese snowboarder
  • , Japanese painter
  • Satoru Okada, general manager of Nintendo Research & Engineering
  • , Japanese Samurai
  • , Japanese architect
  • , Japanese slalom canoeist
  • Tadahiko Okada (1878–1958), Japanese politician
  • Tadayuki Okada, former Grand Prix motorcycle racing and Superbike racing motorcycle racer
  • Takeshi Okada, coach of the Japanese national football team
  • , Japanese general
  • Tokihiko Okada, a silent Japanese actor
  • Tomohiro Okada, Japanese new media art and design curator, thinker of creative economics
  • Toshio Okada, founder of the anime company Gainax
  • Yaichiro Okada, Japanese zoologist
  • Yoshiko Okada, Japanese actress
  • , Japanese footballer
  • , Japanese footballer
  • Yukiko Okada, Japanese idol

Other uses

  • Okada Domain, a Japanese domain in the Edo period
  • Okada Station (Ehime), a railway station in Ehime, Japan
  • Okada Station (Kagawa), a railway station in Kagawa, Japan
  • Okada Museum of Art, an art museum in Kanagawa, Japan
  • Okada Manila, a casino resort and hotel complex in Parañaque City, Metro Manila which is the biggest project of Kazuo Okada (see above)
  • Okada (motorcycle taxi), a motorcycle taxi used in western Africa
  • Okada Air, a now defunct airline in Nigeria

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