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  Lallemant is a French surname that may originate in the phrase "l’Allemand", meaning "the German." Variants of the name include: Laleman, Lalemand, Lalemant, Lalleman, L'allemand, and Lallemand.
It may refer to:


  • Charles Lallemant (1587–1674), first superior of the Jesuit missions in Canada
  • Louis Lallemant (1588–1635), French Jesuit
  • Jérôme Lalemant (1593–1673), Jesuit priest who came to Canada in 1638
  • Gabriel Lallemant (1610–1649), Jesuit missionary, one of the eight Canadian Martyrs, a patron saint of Canada
  • Jacques-Philippe Lallemant (1660–1748), French Jesuit
  • François Antoine "Charles" Lallemand (1774–1839), French general who served under Napoleon
  • Raymond Lallemant (1919-2008), Belgian fighter pilot
  • Roza Lallemand (1961–2008), French chess player
  • Saúl Lallemand,(1977-), Colombian accordion player

See also

  • Philippe Lallemand (1636–1716), French portrait painter
  • Fritz L’Allemand (1812-1866), Austrian historical painter, whose most well known picture may be "Court banquet in the gardens of SchÅ‘nbrunn Palace on the centenary of the Militär-Maria-Theresia-Ordens" (1857).
  • Theo Lalleman (1946-2013), Dutch artist and writer


  • Lalemant, Quebec, Canada
  • Saint-Gabriel-Lalemant, Quebec, Canada

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