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Doi (surname)

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are three Japanese family names that are pronounced identically, with the first kanji of each pair of characters meaning "earth."Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Since they are the same phonetically, they are romanized identically: "do" for the first character and "i" for the second. Their identical pronunciation makes them function as the same surname in languages with writing systems that do not use some form of Chinese characters (for example, the Latin alphabet).

People with the surname

  • Hiroaki Doi, hammer thrower
  • Ichitarō Doi, Japanese shogi player
  • Isami Doi, (1903–1965), American artist
  • Kathryn Doi Todd, American judge and mother of Mia Doi Todd
  • Kiyoshi Doi (born 1933), Japanese baseball player
  • Koji Doi, Japanese mathematician, who introduced Doi–Naganuma lifting
  • Masao Doi, Japanese polymer scientist
  • Melissa Doi, American businesswoman and September 11 attack victim
  • Mia Doi Todd, American musician and daughter of Kathryn Doi Todd
  • Mika Doi, voice actress
  • Misaki Doi, Japanese professional tennis player
  • Naruki Doi, Japanese professional wrestler
  • , Japanese artistic gymnast
  • Ryuichi Doi, Japanese politician
  • , Japanese speed skater
  • , Japanese footballer
  • Takako Doi, Japanese female politician
  • Takao Doi, Japanese astronaut
  • Takeo Doi, (1904-1996), Japanese aircraft designer
  • Takeo Doi, (1920–2009), Japanese psychoanalyst
  • Takero Doi, Japanese economist
  • , Japanese daimyō
  • Toshitada Doi, Compact Disc inventor
  • Yoichi Doi, Japanese football player
  • Yoshihiro Doi, Japanese baseball player
  • Yukihiro Doi, Japanese racing cyclist

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