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Shiro, Shirō, Shirow or Shirou may refer to:


  • Amakusa Shirō (1621–1638), leader of the Shimabara Rebellion
  • Ken Shiro (born 1992), Japanese boxer
  • Shiro Azumi, Japanese football player 1923–1925
  • Shiro Ichinoseki (born 1944), Japanese weightlifter
  • Shirō Ishii (1892–1959), Japanese microbiologist and lieutenant general
  • , Japanese actor and comedian
  • Shiro Izumi (born 1961), Japanese actor, known for the Super Sentai franchise
  • , Japanese artist
  • Shiro Kashiwa (1912–1998), Attorney General of Hawaii from 1959
  • Shiro Kawase (1889–1946), Japanese admiral
  • Shiro Kikuhara (born 1969), Japanese football player
  • Shiro Kishibe (born 1949), Japanese actor
  • Shiro Koshinaka (born 1958), Japanese wrestler
  • Shiro Kuramata (1934–1991), Japanese designer
  • Shiro Makino (1893–1945), Japanese general at the Battle of Leyte
  • Shiro Maruyama (born 1948), Japanese fencer
  • Shirō Masamune, Japanese manga artist
  • , Japanese rower
  • Shiro Misaki, Japanese football player 1934
  • Shirō Miwa, Japanese manga artist
  • Shiro Miya (1943–2012), Japanese enka singer
  • Shiro Nakamura (born 1950), Japanese car designer
  • Shiro Oishi (born 1942), American judo practitioner and wrestler
  • Shirō Sagisu (born 1957), Japanese music producer and composer
  • Shiro Saigo (1866–1922), Japanese judo practitioner
  • , Japanese film producer
  • , Japanese cross-country skier
  • Shiro Sokabe (1865-1949), Japanese Christian minister
  • Shiro Suzuki (born 1938), Japanese television announcer
  • Shiro Yadama (born 1944), Japanese author

Fictional characters

  • Shiro, mysterious albino girl in Deadman Wonderland
  • Shiro, firearms-obsessed nephew in Samurai Cat
  • Shiro, gamer in No Game No Life
  • Shiro Amada, commander in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
  • Shirō Emiya, the main character in Fate/stay night media
  • Shirou Kazami, the father of protagonist of Onegai Teacher
  • Shirō Shimizu, young theology student in Jigoku (film)
  • Takashi 'Shiro' Shirogane, black paladin in Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • Shiro Fujimoto, a character in "Ao no Exorcist"
  • Shiro, is a supporting character of "Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san"
  • Shiro Miyata, a character in the PlayStation 2 horror/stealth game Forbidden Siren


  • Shiro, Texas, an unincorporated community in Grimes County
  • Shirou, Iran or Shur Ab, a village in Zanjan Province

Other uses

  • Shiro (food), an East African stew of chickpeas or broad bean meal
  • Shiro (restaurant), in Ahakista, County Cork, Ireland
  • Shiro Games, a French video game company
  • Shiro, a mass of branches in the mycelium of a fungus
  • Apache Shiro, a software security framework
  • Japanese castle

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  • Siro (disambiguation)

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