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Saka (disambiguation)

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  Saka were the Achaemenid "Scythian" satrapy.
Saka may also refer to:


  • Scythians
  • Indo-Scythians
    • Saka era, an era in India
    • Indian national calendar, sometimes called the Saka calendar


  • Saka, Hiroshima, a town in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
  • Saka, Estonia, a village in Kohtla Parish, Ida-Viru County, Estonia
  • Saka, Latvia, a village in Saka Parish of Pāvilosta Municipality, Latvia.
  • Saka, Morocco, a town in Taza Province, Morocco

Other uses

  • Jauhar, an ancient Indian tradition of men fighting to death, while women commit self-immolation (jauhar), when facing certain defeat in war
  • Saka language, a variety of Eastern Iranian languages, attested from the ancient Buddhist kingdoms of Khotan and Tumshuq in the Tarim Basin
  • Makhuwa language, also Makhuwa-Saka language, a dialect of Nkutu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

People with the surname

  • Bukayo Saka (born 2001), English football player
  • Fuat Saka (born 1952), Turkish musician
  • Hasan Saka (1885–1960), Turkish politician
  • , Japanese baseball player
  • , Japanese footballer
  • , Japanese actor and voice actor
  • Paul Saka, American philosopher
  • Pınar Saka (born 1985), Turkish sprinter
  • , Japanese swimmer

See also

  • Sakha (disambiguation)
  • Acestor Sakas, an Athenian tragic poet

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